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Apple TV+ ‘The Crowded Room’ Episode 8 Review - From Chaos to Clarity, A Deep Dive into Danny’s Alters

The episode follows Danny as he discovers the purposes of his alters, Matty and Stand strategize to reduce his sentence, and Danny forms a meaningful connection.

Anjali Sharma - Thu, 13 Jul 2023 23:28:43 +0100 1812 Views
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In the eighth episode of 'The Crowded Room' titled 'Reunion,' the focus shifts to Rya helping Danny understand the purpose of each of his alters, while Matty and Stand try to devise a plan to shorten Danny's potential sentence. As the pieces of Danny's fragmented self come together, he forms a meaningful friendship with Jerome.

Throughout the episode, Rya guides Danny in comprehending the significance of his alters and the roles they play in his life. From the competent protector, Yitzhak, to the honest sensuality of Ariana, the yearning for paternal love embodied by Jack, and the suave charm of Mike, Danny begins to unravel the complexities within himself. However, Danny struggles to confront the purpose of Jonny, who is associated with a tumultuous past involving drug abuse and escapism. Nevertheless, Rya assures Danny that he is making progress by acknowledging that all these emotions are part of him.

Simultaneously, Matty and Stand work to find a way to support Danny's defense. They devise a strategy to prove that Danny targeted his stepfather, Marlin, who had assaulted him and his brother Adam. The intention is to demonstrate that Danny's actions were driven by a deep-rooted history of abuse, potentially leading to a reduced sentence. However, their plan faces a setback when Marlin, assuming the role of a caring stepfather, comes forward and reveals Danny's violent and drug-ridden past to the prosecution lawyers. The revelation threatens to undermine their efforts.

Amidst the chaos, Danny finds solace in an unexpected friendship. He connects with Jerome, a man who was once in love with Ariana, one of Danny's alters, and reciprocated her affection. Jerome proves to be a healthy influence in Danny's life, as he offers understanding and genuine support amidst the confusion. Jerome becomes a rare confidant for Danny, someone who comprehends the complexities of his situation, alongside Rya.

One notable aspect of the episode is the portrayal of Danny's alters. Unlike previous episodes, it is Danny himself who takes on the actions and experiences associated with each alter. Tom Holland delivers an impressive performance, showcasing the stark contrasts between the alters within the same character.

Furthermore, the budding friendship between Jerome and Danny adds a warm and uplifting dynamic to the narrative. With Jerome being one of the few individuals who genuinely understand Danny's struggles, their connection becomes a source of comfort and encouragement.

While the episode presents significant developments, some elements feel slightly repetitive when considered alongside the previous episode. For instance, the emphasis on Yitzhak's role as the strong alter, exemplified through multiple flashbacks and conversations, could have been consolidated for a more concise narrative.

In summary, 'Reunion' delves deeper into Danny's self-discovery as Rya helps him navigate the complexities of his alters. Matty and Stand work against obstacles to support Danny's defense, while the blossoming friendship between Danny and Jerome provides a much-needed source of understanding and companionship. With Tom Holland's exceptional portrayal and engaging storytelling, the episode leaves viewers eager to witness the unfolding of Danny's journey in the subsequent episodes.

Final Score- [7.5/10]
Premiere Date: July 14, 2023, on Apple TV+



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