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Apple TV+ ‘The New Look’ Episode 10 Review - The Ultimate Finale

Christian is all set to launch his collection, however a complaint against him becomes a setback. Coco’s negations are bearing fruit but will Lang let her succeed?

Neerja Choudhuri - Wed, 03 Apr 2024 04:42:09 +0100 625 Views
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It's time to bid farewell to yet another beloved show that has held our attention for so long. Drawing inspiration from the lives of Christian Dior and his groundbreaking "New Look" collection, while simultaneously exploring the parallel journey of Coco Chanel's iconic brand, the series provides invaluable insights into the professional and personal pursuits of fashion's most illustrious figures.

In the latest installment, we witness Catherine being hailed by the French Government for her exceptional valor exhibited during the tumultuous Nazi Occupation of French territory.

Meanwhile, Christian's entrepreneurial endeavors take a promising turn as he secures a team of skilled seamstresses for his burgeoning business, facilitating a smooth progression in the production of his coveted collection and meeting looming deadlines with aplomb. However, things don’t come that easy, do they? Trouble brews when an accusation is levied against Christian, alleging the illicit poaching of seamstresses from rival establishments through the lure of inflated wages. This grievance is promptly brought to the attention of Lelong, casting a shadow of doubt over Christian's integrity and jeopardizing the foundation of his aspirations. As a result of this, the seamstresses were threatened and they stopped working for him.

With his dreams hanging precariously in the balance, Christian confronts an uncertain future fraught with obstacles. Will he emerge triumphant against the odds, or will his aspirations be dashed against the rocks of adversity? At its core, the show chronicles the remarkable resilience of individuals such as Christian Dior, whose unwavering faith in his vision served as the cornerstone of the iconic Dior brand. In the face of skepticism from both peers and loved ones, Dior remained resolute, refusing to succumb to doubt or despair.

Coco's world was shattered by the tragic suicide of Elsa, plunging her into a profound abyss of grief and introspection. As she grappled with the overwhelming loss, questions swirled around the circumstances of Elsa's demise, casting a shadow of doubt and suspicion. Could Lang, in some way, be implicated in Elsa's tragic end?

On the professional front, however, things were sunny for Coco. Pierre acquiesced to all of her demands, effectively conceding to every proposal she put forth. In doing so, he unwittingly handed her victory on a silver platter. She had won, triumphing in the face of adversity and securing her desired outcome. However, just when she thought she could savor her hard-earned success, Lang emerged from the shadows, casting a dark cloud over her newfound sense of accomplishment. Lang threatened to unleash chaos upon her meticulously crafted world unless she surrendered the money she had rightfully won. His ultimatum hung in the air like a sword poised to strike, leaving Coco to grapple with an agonizing choice: capitulate to his demands and sacrifice her hard-earned victory, or defy him and risk the exposure of her deepest, darkest secret to the unforgiving glare of the world.

The actors seamlessly complement the brilliant plotline with their captivating performances. Their portrayal of the characters is utterly convincing, breathing life into each role they inhabit. With their remarkable talent and dedication, they imbue the characters with depth and authenticity, drawing audiences into their world with compelling realism.

"The New Look" is a captivating spectacle, offering viewers a glimpse into the tumultuous journeys of renowned figures in the fashion realm as they navigated unexpected disruptions and embarked on the arduous task of rebuilding from the ground up. It is a narrative steeped in themes of sacrifice, unwavering determination, and steadfast self-belief.

Final Score - [8/10]



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