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Apple TV+ ‘The New Look’ Episode 4 Review - When Loving Someone Can Be A Crime

Arletty is considered a traitor for her affair with a German Officer. Coco is under the raider of the French Army who suspects a collaboration with the Nazis. Dior is tense about Catherine.

Neerja Choudhuri - Tue, 20 Feb 2024 21:00:37 +0000 696 Views
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“My heart is French but my ass is global”. Unbeknownst to French actress Arletty, the consequences of her love affair with a German Officer proved severe. Episode 4 of "The New Look" unfolds against the backdrop of France's liberation from German occupation. Amidst the jubilation of newfound freedom, the French populace and military remained unforgiving towards those perceived as collaborators. The stark contrast is evident as women associated with Germans are publicly humiliated—heads shaved, paraded in undergarments—a scene diametrically opposed to the celebratory mood of independence. Arletty, among them, faces harsh judgment when her confession of love for a German officer is exposed. Branded a traitor, her reputation tarnished, she grapples with the fallout of her forbidden romance amidst the tumultuous post-war landscape.

Coco faces her own set of challenges in the aftermath of the Germans' departure. With the French army now scrutinizing her connections to the former occupiers, suspicion looms over her. Questions abound regarding her nephew Andre's miraculous release from the clutches of the Nazis. Doubts arise: Is Coco truly innocent, or does her association with the Germans run deeper than assumed? The mystery surrounding Andre's liberation only intensifies the intrigue, leaving everyone to wonder how such a feat could have been accomplished in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

On the other hand, Dior is grappling with a different kind of situation, Catherine’s disappearance weighs heavily on him, engulfing him in a cloud of guilt and worry. His inability to focus on his work underscores the consuming nature of his concern for his sister. Every moment is fraught with thoughts of her, leaving him restless and preoccupied. The absence of closure amplifies his inner turmoil, casting a shadow over his creative endeavors.

In Episode 4 of "The New Look," the emotional journey intensifies, stirring contemplation on Arletty's plight. Is love deemed treasonous, and has she committed a crime merely by falling for someone? The poignant depiction of weeping women, including Arletty with her shaven head, instills fear and evokes sympathy within us. As we witness Coco's palpable tension and her underlying fear of the French army, we question her safety despite her brave act of saving her nephew. The episode eloquently portrays the inherent sacrifices and risks intertwined with love. Through these intricately woven scenarios, we're reminded that the path of love often demands a toll, challenging us to ponder the profound complexities and sacrifices it entails. Each character's turmoil serves as a poignant reflection of the multifaceted nature of human emotions and the intricate dynamics of wartime relationships.

Each installment of this series immerses viewers in a palpable atmosphere akin to a spy thriller. The depiction of the War and its aftermath is nuanced, revealing just enough to drive the plot forward. It captures the ambiance of post-war France: a palpable sense of independence, a resurgence of fashion, and lingering fear among those involved with the Nazis. Anticipation mounts for the next episode, promising further twists and turns in the unfolding narrative.

Final Score- [6/10]



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