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Autobots Team up with the Maximals in ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron- Kingdom’ Trailer at Netflix

The frantic race for the Allspark comes to a halt on a strange planet, with the future crashing into the present. Coming July 29

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer for the second and final season of the anime series Transformers War For Cybertron. The final season which is called “Transformers: War For Cybertron: Kingdom,” will premiere globally on Netflix on July, 29.

The first trailer shows Optimus Prime and the team of Autobots has reached earth, where they meet an unexpected ally in the forms of Maximals. As the danger of Megatron reaching the earth looms over, Autobots decides to team up with Maximals which has Optimus Primal in the Gorilla form as their leader, they also have Cheetor, Tigatron, and Airazor. 

The official synopsis of "Kingdom" says - "In the race to retrieve the lost AllSpark, the Autobots must join forces with the Maximals to face the Decepticons, who have allied with the Predacons. The Predacons, on the other hand, have the Golden Disk, a mysterious artifact with a personal link to Megatron that provides him an unmatched advantage over his enemy, Optimus Prime. Which faction will emerge victorious in the final battle that will determine Cybertron's fate?"

In the last season "Earthrise," Optimus and Megatron are off in space, Elita-1 and Jetfire are leading the Autobot forces against Shockwave and the Decepticons. Shockwave has figured out how to use the energy from Cybertronian sparks to power Megatron's ship, the Nemesis, as well as his own heinous experiments. Although Earthrise appears to conclude with Elita-1 and her guerilla warriors being engulfed by a gigantic explosion, there's a fair chance she and her band of guerrilla warriors may live to fight another day in the Kingdom.

Developed by Rooster Teeth Studios, Transformers War for Cybertron features the voice talents of Jason Marnocha as Megatron, Jake Foushee as Optimus Prime, Rafael Goldstein as Ratchet, Bill Rogers as Wheeljack, Sophia Isabella as Arcee,  Keith Silverstein as Jetfire, Linsay Rousseau as Elita-1, Joe Zieja as Bumblebee, Frank Todaro as Starscream, Todd Haberkorn as Shockwave & Red Alert, Edward Bosco as Ultra Magnus & Soundwave, Miles Luna as Teletraan I & Cliffjumper, Brook Chalmers as Impactor, Shawn Hawkins as Mirage, Kaiser Johnson as Ironhide, and Mark Whitten as Sideswipe & Skywarp.



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