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‘Big Nunu's Little Heist’ Netflix Movie Review - A Wild and Hilarious Crime-Comedy Caper

The movie follows an ex-soldier turned deliveryman, who is pulled into a bumbling gang led by a local leader in order to pull off a daring heist in an infamous South African ghetto.

Neha Krishna - Fri, 28 Jul 2023 17:30:47 +0100 3494 Views
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Big Nunu's Little Heist is a fast-paced crime-comedy-action film that takes the audience on an insane and laughter-filled ride. Directed by Andy Kasrils, the movie stars Jefferson Tshabalala, Tony Miyambo, Amahle Khumalo, Kagiso Lediga, Mpho Popps, and others, weaving a tale of small-town thugs and bumbling factory workers with dreams of big heists and even bigger riches. The runtime of 91 minutes ensures that the narrative moves swiftly, preventing the story from getting bogged down.

The plot revolves around an ex-soldier turned deliveryman whose stove is stolen, leading him to seek help from the local mafia kingpin, Big Nunu. However, instead of recovering his stove, he finds himself embroiled in a heist orchestrated by the hapless mafia henchmen. As the unlikely gang attempts to pull off the daring robbery, hilarity ensues as things take unexpected turns.

From the very beginning, the movie establishes its eccentric tone, blending stolen stoves and gun-shooting lessons with the quirky antics of the mafia's air-kissing leader. This sets the stage for an entertaining and humorous story that also delves into the themes of teamwork, brotherhood, and the influence of social and political backgrounds on its characters. While these are small-time criminals, their struggles and aspirations are relatable, making the film engaging for the audience.

The ensemble cast shines in their roles, portraying a group of endearing yet dim-witted characters. The characters' foolishness feels natural and never forced, adding to the comedic charm of the movie. A sense of constant uncertainty surrounds the Delivery Man's loyalties and Big Nunu's true intentions, keeping the audience on edge and intrigued throughout the film.

The well-composed background score complements the on-screen action effectively, enhancing the overall experience. The heists themselves are entertainingly executed, and the humor never becomes too absurd, striking a balance that maintains the viewer's interest.

Despite the breakneck pace, the film manages to touch upon the desperation of Big Nunu and his gang to escape poverty and gain wealth quickly. Their lack of exposure to the real world, coupled with their dangerous yet dim-witted nature, creates a captivating dynamic. On the other hand, the unwitting involvement of the Delivery Man adds an element of unpredictability, as his cleverness becomes crucial to the gang's success.

As the movie reaches its climax, it doesn't hesitate to embrace the over-the-top nature of its story. The red-painted sky and absurd scenarios add to the madness, ensuring a memorable and hilarious conclusion. While some parts may stretch credibility, the film's quick pace ensures it never lingers too long on any one element.

In conclusion, Big Nunu's Little Heist is a wild and entertaining crime-comedy flick that guarantees laughter from start to finish. Its over-the-top moments and relentless humor keep the audience engaged, making it an enjoyable watch for anyone seeking a simple yet uproarious movie. The film's ability to strike a balance between comedy and crime elements makes it a great addition to Netflix's collection.

Final Score- [7.5/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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