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‘Blackout’ (2024) Movie Review - A Good One-Time Watch

The streets of Pune, where a single night of darkness shrouds the city in mystery, as crime reporter Lenny becomes involved in a web of greed and disaster.

Riya Singh - Fri, 07 Jun 2024 21:13:22 +0100 721 Views
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After the huge success of 12th Fail, Vikrant Massey is back with another movie Blackout. The story has many twists and innumerable characters. The speed with which new characters are being introduced makes it difficult for the audience to decide whether it's going to be a good film to watch or not. Defying those thoughts, the film rather turned out to be good due to the efforts put in by the director-writer and the actors especially Massey and Sunil Grover.

The movie starts with a robbery in the city of Pune by thieves covered in neon face masks. They looted a bank and due to their mischievous act, the whole city suffered a power blackout. Lenny (played by Massey) is a journalist known for doing undercover stings of people sitting at important positions and returning back home after a tiresome day. It is the same night where a blackout occurs and things are set in motion.

What Lenny had to bear that night was like a trauma that he wouldn't forget until his last breaths. The movie boasts some great comedy scenes and then there are those which don't make an effort to move your muscles involved in smiling. There are always some hits and misses in comedy films but the former dominated.

Surrounded by a drunkard, getting across two thugs, being a part of a sting operation and the list goes on. There's so much shown that it'll get your head spinning and the subject feels overwhelming often. Just when you think that you've seen whatever the film has to offer you, the beliefs turn out wrong and more comes your way.

Talking about acting, Vikrant Massey has never disappointed us with his roles. Be it 12th Fail or any other of his works, there isn't a single frame in his titles that he's found out of character. He blends so beautifully that every character becomes him and this same thing has been observed in Blackout.

The same goes for Sunil Grover, as Asgar Bhai stole the show. From his poetry to dialogue delivery to swag, everything is top-notch. Initially, it felt that Grover’s addition to the movie might just be a special appearance, but his character is responsible for all the plot twists.

The ending of the 156-minute Blackout leaves the audience in splits. Asgar Bhai was seen getting shot near his heart in the gang fight then, how come he was still alive? With the gold bars now with Lenny (Vikrant Massey), things could intensify if a second part of Blackout gets made.

Devang Shashin Bhavsar, the writer and director of this mystery thriller has done a great job at incorporating comedy and thriller at the same time. The film is smooth and there are scenes that'll bore the audience like the one where Mouni Roy said “Pudin-hara dun”. Her role was rather small and it would be better for the actress if she picked up major roles in the future showing her acting skills.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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