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[SPOILERS] Boba Fett Goes Airborne in the Season Finale of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’

Boba Fett finally returns to lead his show as the leading character as the battle with the Pykes gets intense for Mos Eisley and Spice trade

Bradley - Wed, 09 Feb 2022 11:06:17 +0000 4820 Views
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WarningContains Heavy Spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett’ Chapter 7

After becoming a side character in his own show, Boba Fett finally returns in the finale for a big fight to Keep Mos Eisley under his control. He also uses his jetpack for the first time in the series during the fight as he goes airborne with Mandalorian to fight the Pyke syndicate army.

Chapter 7 titled, "In the Name of Honor" begins with Boba, Din Djarin, and Fennec Shand planning the battle against the Pyke syndicate as Cad Bane returns in Mos Eisley. Bane simply asks Boba to allow the Spice trade to go through Mos Eisley and we see a confrontation between them as Bane goes personal with him. Boba restrains himself from attacking bane to avoid the fight at that moment, but Bane was fully prepared as while leaving the street he indicated the Pykes to attack.

The fight seem to be one-sided as on Boba's side there were only three people taking on the whole army of Pykes. It has its moments when Boba and Mando took a dramatic entry flying from the sky, but they quickly found themselves surrounded. Also on a side note, Pykes were carrying much bigger guns and weapons than Mando or Boba. But finally, help arrived from Freetown, but there was no Cobb Vanth. According to the people of Freetown, Marshal died after being shot by Cad Bane in the last episode.

As the episode progressed further, Boba again seem to be lost in his own show. Mando was leading the fight alongside the people of Freetown against the Pykes. The battle gets intense when Crab Droids, "Muckraker" arrives to fight alongside the Pykes. They were covered with a protective energy shield that was not allowing any bullets or objects to pass through as they seem invincible. But this time, Boba was not going to get lost in his show again as he makes a dramatic entry riding on his newly trained Rancor.

The episode has its moment in the fightings, however, not all the characters shown in the finale poster revealed by Disney were present. We didn't see Ashoka or CGI Luke Skywalker in the episode, but we get to know what Grogu chose at the end of the last episode.

At the end of Episode 6, we saw Luke asking Grogu to choose between the gift brought by Luke and his lightsaber. Now, the new episode confirms that Grogu chose the cloth brought by Mando, and quite unexpectedly, he returns to Tatooine alone with a Droid and without Luke.

In the end, Boba finally gets his shot at Cade Bane and kills him in the middle of straight after first being brought down by Bane. But it was Grogu who stole the show when he brought down a mad Rancor to sleep.

The finale didn't give any hint about the second season of the show, but it certainly sets up an exciting third season of "The Mandalorian." Season 3 will see Mando reuniting with Grogu for more adventure across the galaxy while collecting bounty to get them going.

There was a mid-credit scene that shows Thundercat (Mos Eisley-based Mod Artist who saved Fennec Shand). He was standing next to someone who appeared to be Cobb Vanth, resting/recovering in the Bacta tank. The confirmation is most likely to come in the upcoming season of The Mandalorian, likely to release in December 2022.



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