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Home Politics News Chilling Reports, Images and Videos from communal riots in Delhi

Chilling Reports, Images and Videos from communal riots in Delhi

Roshan Kumar - 25th Feb 2020 383 Views

Delhi violence have taken a communal turn and horrifying reports are coming out from Indian capital. As per the reports 53 people are dead and 380 are injured till now. We are creating this thread/post to keep you updated with latest videos and reports.


06:30 PM: So far today many people are injured and till now thr rioter are wrecking havoc on the street. 2 journalists from a TV channel were heckled and beaten up a little until they show their ID cards. One of the female journalist was surrounded by some goons and was later left once she shown her id and confirmed her identity as hindu. Also some chilling scenes were seen in the day where some goons climbed on mosque minar.


As of now police and RAF are firing tear gas shells in large no.s over them and we are expecting hard and tough action against the rioters.


09:30 PM: Shoot at sight order issued by administration, curfew imposed in 4 regions




Police is also seen siding with the rioters



Delhi tyre market burning at night 2/25/2020 2:00 A.M.



Houses burning at night 2/25/2020



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