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‘Choose Love’ Netflix Movie Review - A Rom-Com That Lets You Decide Cami’s Fate

Control Cami’s love life in this interactive movie, but beware: weak choices, bland characters, and wasted format await you.

Arpita Mondal - Thu, 31 Aug 2023 18:49:56 +0100 1880 Views
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Choose Love is a new interactive rom-com on Netflix that allows you to control the actions of the main character, Cami, who has to choose between three potential love interests. However, the movie fails to deliver a satisfying and engaging experience due to its weak choices, bland characters, and wasted interactive format.

The movie begins with Cami, a music producer, getting a tarot card reading from her sister. You get to choose whether she receives good or bad news, but it doesn’t make much difference. She still learns that she will face a romantic dilemma involving three men.

The first man is Paul, Cami’s long-term boyfriend who is kind, caring, and supportive. He loves Cami and wants to propose to her, but he also feels insecure and neglected by her busy career. You get to choose whether Cami appreciates him, cheats on him, or breaks up with him.

The second man is Jack, Cami’s high school sweetheart who reappears in her life after years of traveling the world. He is sweet, generous, and adventurous, but also naive and idealistic. You get to choose whether Cami reconnects with him, ignores him, or tells him the truth about their past.

The third man is Rex, a rebellious rockstar who wants to work with Cami on his new album. He is rude, arrogant, and unpredictable, but also charismatic and talented. You get to choose whether Cami accepts his offer, insults his song, or flirts with him.

Throughout the movie, you get to make various choices for Cami that affect her relationships with the three men. However, most of the choices have no real impact on the plot or the outcome of the movie. The only choices that matter are the ones that determine who Cami ends up with in the end.

There are 16 possible endings for the movie, depending on your choices. However, most of them are similar and unsatisfying. Making the movie interactive was a great idea, but I think they forgot to write a good story in order to make it interactive. The first thing that I will remember about it is that the movie has a fun and catchy soundtrack that features songs from various genres and artists, though I was not much interested in the bland single-layered story, the soundtrack saved me from dying out of boredom. The songs match the mood and tone of the scenes and add some energy and excitement to the movie.

I wish I could have chosen the dialogue too! The movie has a few humorous moments and witty dialogue that might make you laugh or smile, but a majority of them seem like they have been taken out of a five-year-old's book. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and pokes fun at some of the rom-com tropes and clichés, which is actually good. 
The movie has some decent performances from the cast, especially Scott Michael Foster as Paul, who delivers an emotional and believable portrayal of a loyal partner. He makes you feel sympathy for his character and root for his happiness. You will feel pity for them, as they really deserved a good script.

Most of the choices in the movie don’t affect the plot or the characters in any significant way. You can easily undo any choice you make and watch both scenes play out without missing anything important, which is actually a plus point. Most of them don’t reflect Cami’s personality or preferences and don’t have any consequences for her actions. The choices don’t create any tension or suspense in the movie and don’t make you feel invested in the outcome.

The movie has bland characters that are not very interesting or likable. Cami is a passive protagonist who doesn’t have any clear goals or motivations. She just drifts from one guy to another without much reason or emotion. Rex is a stereotypical bad-boy rockstar who is rude and arrogant. Jack is a sweet guy who is too perfect and boring. He doesn’t have any flaws or challenges and doesn’t offer anything new or exciting to Cami.

The movie wastes its interactive format by not offering any exciting or funny scenarios that make use of interactivity. There are no twists, surprises, or consequences for your choices. There are no multiple endings or branching paths that make you want to replay the movie and explore different outcomes. There are no Easter eggs or hidden features that reward your curiosity or creativity.

Choose Love is not a terrible movie, but it’s not a great one either. It’s a mediocre rom-com that tries to be innovative but ends up being boring and forgettable. It doesn’t challenge or entertain you as an interactive movie should. It’s better to watch a regular rom-com that has a solid story and engaging characters than to waste your time choosing Cami.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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