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Crime Movies That Will Take Up Your Law School Studies

Movies can be an important source of inspiration and insight for law students as they offer up timely stories that reflect the struggles and triumphs of lawyers

Cory Shilling - Fri, 25 Nov 2022 21:00:23 +0000 2815 Views
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Are you a law student who wants to take a break from the books? Are you looking for a movie that will keep you on your toes and teach you about crime at the same time? If so, then look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss three crime movies that are perfect for law students. These movies will keep you entertained while also teaching you about the legal system. So, without further ado, let's get started!

About Law School

Law school can be a wild ride. One day you might be looking for essays on life issues, with no idea what the next class is going to bring. Reading essay samples on essay topics such as life issues will change how you think and behave. Another, you could be researching the finer points of contract law, or preparing for a mock trial in front of your peers and professors. One thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment in law school! You never know when an exciting case might come up and you suddenly find yourself solving a huge crime.

You also may be called upon to aid in preparation for real court cases and not just simulated ones. It's getting hands-on experience earlier than most other professions! Alongside all these responsibilities, you'll have reading assignments galore that require critical thinking and strong analysis. But hey, if you don't like surprises, law school may not be for you!

Three crime movies or shows that will teach law students about the legal system

Every lawyer knows the importance of staying up to date with the legal system, and nothing helps better than hitting the screen. Whether you're a law student or an experienced attorney, watching movies based on the criminal justice system can broaden your insight.

From documentaries to feature films, there are plenty of movies that can further your understanding of law enforcement and the legal process. Here are three crime movies that will teach law students about the legal system. Let's discuss The Verdict, A Few Good Men, and Suits.

The Verdict - If you're looking for a truly gripping story and a top-notch cast, The Verdict is it. Directed by Sidney Lumet, this 1982 legal drama stars Paul Newman as Frank Galvin, a once-respected lawyer who is down on his luck and desperate for a win. When he's presented with an unwinnable malpractice case that could restore his reputation, he leaps at the chance to clear the accused doctor of any wrongdoing. Boasting an all-star ensemble including Jack Warden, James Mason, Charlotte Rampling, and Lindsay Crouse, this riveting courtroom drama follows Galvin from his initial client meeting up until the verdict is finally read in court. Filled with smart dialogue and some sly humor sprinkled throughout its 133-minute run time, The Verdict is a captivating piece of filmmaking. It's no wonder why it earned four Oscar nominations and remains a cinematic classic to this day.

A Few Good Men - This is an iconic classic from the '90s, starring Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. It tells the story of two Marine lawyers who must defend a soldier accused of murder in a tightly guarded military trial. Although this movie was released decades ago, it still resonates in today's society. Cruise's character shines through with his witty one-liners and determination to prevail against an intimidating military court power structure. The courtroom drama scene is particularly memorable, elevating the suspense as he boldly stands up for truth and justice. It provides solid entertainment due to its sharp dialogue, fiery action scenes, and legal drama.

Suits - Suits is an incredibly witty and stylish show that has earned its legions of fans for good reason. The show strikes a perfect balance between drama and comedy. Over its nine-season run, Suits has included a unique variety of characters, from newly made legal professionals to seasoned veterans. The show explores questions of morality, loyalty, hard work, and ambition. As both Mike and Harvey take on increasingly challenging cases in their Big Apple courtrooms, they often grapple with forces far larger than themselves. This, while remaining true to their own personal values. Suits is an undeniably addictive experience for those who enjoy courtroom drama of the highest order.

How each movie teaches law students about crime and the legal system

With a bit of careful selection, movies can give law students a unique insight into criminal justice and how the legal system works in real life. By viewing characters with strong moral compasses making difficult decisions under pressure or seeing injustice played out in vivid cinematic detail, they can gain a broader understanding while getting entertained at the same time.

Movies aren't a substitute for more traditional sources of legal education. But they can be an essential augmentation tool for helping law students expand their knowledge and develop a deeper connection to their studies.

Final thoughts

Law movies can be an important source of inspiration and insight for law students. They offer up timely stories that reflect the struggles and triumphs of lawyers, as they grapple with ethical and practical dilemmas that are faced on a daily basis by those in the field.

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Cory Shilling is a writer and educator with a background in law. She has extensive experience working with students as they prepare for law school, as well as helping with budding legal paperwork.



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