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‘Crypto Boy’ Netflix Movie Review - A Cautionary Tale of Greed and Betrayal in the Digital Age

A young man falls prey to the allure of cryptocurrency and a charismatic entrepreneur in this Netflix drama that explores the dark side of online investment.

Arpita Mondal - Thu, 19 Oct 2023 17:01:45 +0100 956 Views
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Crypto Boy is a Netflix original movie that follows the story of Amir, a college dropout who dreams of financial independence and freedom from his strict father. When he meets Roy, a self-proclaimed crypto guru who promises to make him rich with blockchain technology, he is drawn into a risky and shady scheme that will test his morals and loyalty.

The movie is directed by Shady El-Hamus, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jeroen Scholten van Aschat. It stars Shahine El-Hamus as Amir, Sabri Saad El-Hamus as his father, and Minne Koole as Roy. The movie is inspired by real-life stories of cryptocurrency scams and frauds, but it is not based on any specific case or book.

The movie begins with Amir working as a delivery boy for his father’s restaurant, while secretly investing in cryptocurrency with his savings. He is frustrated by his father’s conservative and traditional views, and he longs for a more exciting and adventurous life. He is also interested in Isabelle, a girl who works at a nearby bookstore, but he lacks the confidence to approach her.

One day, he encounters Roy, a charismatic and confident young man who claims to be a successful crypto investor and entrepreneur. Roy invites Amir to join his team of crypto enthusiasts, who are working on a revolutionary project that will change the world. Roy tells Amir that he can make millions of dollars with his help, and that he only needs to invest a small amount of money to get started.

Amir is intrigued by Roy’s offer, and he decides to join his team. He soon discovers that Roy’s project is not as legitimate as it seems and that he is involved in a complex and illegal scheme that involves hacking, money laundering, and blackmailing. Roy also manipulates Amir into betraying his father and Isabelle, who become suspicious of his activities.

As Amir gets deeper into Roy’s web of lies and deception, he realizes that he has made a terrible mistake and that he has put himself and his loved ones in danger. He tries to get out of the situation, but he finds out that Roy is not willing to let him go so easily. He also learns that Roy has a dark and violent past and that he has a hidden agenda behind his project.

Will Amir be able to escape from Roy’s clutches? Will he be able to redeem himself and restore his relationships with his father and Isabelle? Will he be able to recover his money and his dignity? These are some of the questions that Crypto Boy tries to answer in its thrilling and dramatic climax.

Crypto Boy is a movie that aims to explore the themes of greed, betrayal, trust, and redemption in the context of the digital age. It shows the potential dangers and pitfalls of investing in cryptocurrency without proper knowledge and guidance. It also shows the psychological effects of being seduced by false promises and illusions of wealth and power.

The movie has some positive aspects, such as its cinematography, soundtrack, and acting. The movie uses a dark and gritty aesthetic that suits its tone and mood. The movie also features some catchy songs that reflect its contemporary setting. The movie also benefits from the performances of its main cast, especially Shahine El-Hamus and Minne Koole, who portray their characters with nuance and emotion.

Crypto Boy is a timely and important film. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology, and the world is still learning about its potential dangers. This film is a good reminder that cryptocurrency is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and that there are many risks associated with investing in it.

The film also explores the human side of the cryptocurrency world. It shows how people can be drawn into scams by the promise of easy money, and how they can be exploited by criminals. The film is a cautionary tale for anyone who is considering investing in cryptocurrency.

However, I didn’t like quite a few things such as its plot, dialogue, and character development. The movie suffers from a lack of originality and creativity in its story, which relies on clichés and stereotypes. The movie also fails to explain some of the technical aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which may confuse or bore some viewers. The movie also uses some unrealistic and exaggerated scenarios that undermine its credibility and realism.

Moreover, the movie does not develop its characters enough to make them relatable or sympathetic. Amir is portrayed as a naive and gullible protagonist who makes poor decisions and does not learn from his mistakes. Roy is portrayed as a one-dimensional villain who has no redeeming qualities or motives. Isabelle is portrayed as a passive and bland love interest who has no agency or personality.

In conclusion, Crypto Boy is a movie that tries to tackle an interesting and relevant topic but fails to deliver a satisfying and engaging experience. It is a movie that has some potential but wastes it with its flawed execution. It is a movie that could have been better but ends up being mediocre.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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