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‘Custody’ Prime Video Movie Review - A Glorified and Unsatisfactory Movie

The movie follows Constable Siva, who is tasked to escort a witness from police custody to the courtroom, but turns out the entire police division wants the witness dead

Riya Singh - Sat, 10 Jun 2023 19:41:35 +0100 2998 Views
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Custody starts with Shiva stopping the convoy of CM to allow an ambulance to pass. His action was applauded by the CM, but at the same time, his seniors couldn’t digest the fact that he was praised. So, he was treated badly at the police station and the SI made his life miserable. Revathi, the love interest of Shiva was angry over the fact that he ignores her. There’s another pressing issue, Revathi is being planned to be forcibly married to a clown Mohan. The character of Mohan is nothing less than a joker and I wonder whose parents will make their daughters marry such an individual.

Revathi’s dad decides to file an FIR against Shiva, but the SI intrudes and stops this. Her marriage was just the next day and to prevent Shiva from stopping it, he is engaged like a laborer by the SI, and Revathi is also locked in her house. When Shiva was on night duty, he comes across the local gangster Raju who was being chased by George, a CBI officer. After detecting foul play by the SI, Shiva saves George from being killed by Raju’s supporters. CM had Raju’s back and this meant that Shiva’s life is going to be miserable. The audience will know what is going to happen next except for a small twist which comes at the end of the movie, an attempt by the makers to make Custody interesting. Now, the question remains will Shiva be able to marry Revathi, and what will be the consequences after he made an enemy out of the CM?

The plot of Custody is something you have already seen before. I was highly disappointed by the frequency of songs and the irrelevant action scenes which take up the majority of the screen time. Custody is 145 minutes long and half of it is just pure action which isn’t even good. The camera has been put at such an angle in those scenes through which you can see that the actor isn’t touching the enemy and his hands are just swinging in the air. We as an audience know that you don’t hit the supporting cast or even the main cast, however, at least put the camera at such an angle that it's not evident. Also, Naga Chaitanya was seen putting so much effort into the action scenes that it seemed overdone.

Many dialogues were out of context. When Revathi’s father wanted to file an FIR, where did the talk of the disparity between the rich and poor come from? It was evident that the makers irrespective of what was going on in the film wanted to push in the irrelevant direction. In certain scenes, the conversation wasn’t even complete when suddenly the music starts and the actors start dancing. They should have at least completed the conversation or given the audience clarification before moving on to the next thing. Why were there so many dance tracks when we were in the middle of an important conversation? You’re engrossed in what is going on and suddenly there’s a blackout and here comes the songs. Talking about these songs, the lyrics didn’t seem to fit and the focus was just on bringing out the dancing skills and how beautiful the main cast and sets look.

The humor brought by Shiva’s dad in the film was good. I liked the scene in which Shiva spent the whole night explaining to his family about Revathi and the next day his father is blank. As soon as his liquor wore off, he forgot everything. Shiva meddled in everyone else’s business when he couldn’t handle his personal life. Custody overall needed a lot of improvement and just showing a righteous film officer going against an important woman isn’t sufficient. The writers had a good summarized plot in mind, but when they sat to expand it, they failed at several levels. It is clear that they just wanted to show Naga Chaitanya in a good role and Krithi Shetty has been used only for her looks.

Final Score – [4/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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