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‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ Review: A Single Dad Dealing With His Very Independent Teen

Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, and Nickelodeon alum Kyla-Drew team up for a Netflix family sitcom about a middle-aged dad and teenage daughter who can’t understand each other

Ritika Kispotta - Thu, 15 Apr 2021 12:41:48 +0100 2471 Views
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The new Netflix comedy, starring, and executive produced by Jamie Foxx follow a single Atlanta businessman Brian (Foxx) who suddenly needs to father his teenage daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew) after her mother’s ill-timed death, much of to their mutual wariness. Brian’s enthusiasm embarrasses Sasha, Sasha’s stubbornness frustrates Brian. Besides the fact that “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” is exec. produced by Foxx and his real-life daughter, Corinne Foxx, there isn't much in “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” that ties it to 2021, despite some TikTok references and each episode title pretending the form of a hashtag.

Impressed by Foxx’s relationship with his daughter Corinne, it’s a well-worn plot of a womanizing father attempting to bond along with his daughter after she moves in with him following her mother’s passing, as he turns to his younger sister Chelsea (Porscha Coleman) and his weed-smoking dad (David Alan Grier) for help as all of them live under the same roof. Everyone speaks in overused bad ‘90s sitcom language to the point wherever occasionally it seems like a spoof from WandaVision.

The rest could be a mixture of racial comedy – the sort that’s a staple of American humor however usually sounds idly regressive. Brian’s ally, as an example, is a clownish white cop who hangs around at Brian’s while on duty, however, the subject of police racism solely comes up late and fecklessly. Besides, Foxx isn’t all that embarrassing: he can’t facilitate but pull off the most dazzling outfits, and even his ‘“dad-dancing” has an inerrant rhythm.

What ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’ has a shortage of is character. The series dabbles in everything from issues-based jokes, to warmhearted comedy, to farce while not ever finding a groove. The shifts in tone and subject importance are telegraphed; the second episode, “Godastamaste,” announces Sasha’s conflicting feelings concerning faith so plainly that it'd likewise be referred to as “Crisis of religion.” The series has its charms; Foxx and Grier are willing to go along with whatever the roulette wheel of hypothesis demands at any given time. Nickelodeon TV alum Kyla-Drew could be a lot self-conscious, however, she still manages to capture the young combination of naivety and melancholy. The Brian-Sasha dynamic is reminiscent of the central relationship in UPN’s One On One, which ran from 2001 to 2006, which is additionally the time from which 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!' seems to be drawing its humor.

Foxx is multitalented, thus we see him sing, do impressions, and even play completely different characters. However, neither Foxx nor his eye-rolling daughter are what distinguishes this show. The credit goes to David Alan Grier, who’s sporting a Harry Edwards look lately and is channeling another Foxx, specifically Redd, in his role as old Pops. Grier takes lines and extracts full hilarity from them which is not an easy factor.

“Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” wastes relatively little time dealing with the consequences of its emotionally formed premise, with only eight episodes in its first season. Sasha’s mother is usually a footnote; we've got no idea how she and Brian met, who she was, or what her and Sasha’s life appeared like before she died. Most of this first season seems like a second season for the way it quickly dives into Sasha and Brian’s new life. “Dad You’re Embarrassing Me!” works because of the details, specifically since it's a simple but interesting approach. It has a charm that can never be outdated. It feels both recent and new.

Final Score – [5.5/10]
Reviewed by – Ritika Kispotta
Follow her @KispottaRitika on Twitter (https://twitter.com/KispottaRitika)



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