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DC Comics `Superman: Red Son` Review: Elseworld`s tale going Everywhere else

Superman: Red Son is complicated and high on politics and war which is not common for a Superman fan

Bradley - Sat, 07 Mar 2020 21:12:34 +0000 1617 Views
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Superman: Red Son is an animated movie but only for adults, yes its not in the range of kids at all the movie is too much complicated for a kid. The duration of the movie is 84 minutes including the credits and the plot changes very quickly. The first few minutes you will get the feeling that its the same Superman who was earlier born in USA who is now in Russia and only their names and accent are russian. When the grown up Superman shows up for the first time, his russian accent may make u feel 'ah here comes comrade Superman' then he will totally sound as a blind follower of Stalin and enemy of USA instead of saviour of the world.


As the movie progress the plot keeps changing, Lex luthor will appear as maybe a villain who is US president as well and has his own Superman(Superior Man), the battle of Superman and Superior Man is something I liked in this movie. The animation quality might be cheap but this battle was desgined well.


I don't want to give a lot of spoilers but the Wonder Woman has only one dialogue which can be heard "All men are same, they can't be changed"

Also there are Green Lanterns as well which I still can't understand what the hell are they doing. Perhaps the most exciting thing is to watch Lex luthor in a positive role or is it?

The only best thing in this movie is its main villain which I won't name but he is the sole character who is guiding the movie.

And wait, Batman is there as well and Batman vs Superman is there as well, So is he the main villain? Want the answer please watch the movie.


As a conclusion, there is a lot of things to like and dislike in this movie, there is politics, there is war, there is USA vs USSR, there is a world to save, there is feminism. Its your point of view what you like as per my experience I will rate 6.5 out of 10, I would have rated it 7.5 but i deducted one point as this Superman is not for kids.

Let us know your thoughts about this movie, Is it the best Elseworld's tale from DC comics?



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