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‘Detak’ (Heartbeat) Netflix Movie Review - Dr. Jati and His Weird Adoration of the Human Heart

In the film, when a new doctor arrives in a village and people mysteriously disappear, a young dancer must fight for their traditions and her life

Riya Singh - Sun, 05 Jun 2022 20:23:35 +0100 17712 Views
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Detak is the latest crime-thriller coming from Indonesia in which we see a maniac doctor and how instead of treating his patients, he kills them and then preserves their hearts. Those who have seen Hannibal will find a resemblance to that show. The only difference is that Hannibal liked to eat the flesh, and Dr. Jati likes to hear the sound of their heartbeat.

The fans of this genre know what a killer likes to do the most. They keep proof of their killings as a trophy and a reminder of their victims. Just like that, Dr. Jati, the main character of Heartbeat, also likes to keep a souvenir. For him, it is the heart of his victims that he keeps in glass jars.

The doctor fancies the sound of a beating heart. This is why even after he removes the heart, he has a setup that keeps the heart pumping. The victims of the doctor include the patients who come to him for their check-ups. Are the villagers of Pager Alas dumb enough not to notice the fact that only those individuals went missing who visited Dr. Jati recently? Well, moving forward, they should have suspected him because all the mishappening started when the doctor came to their village

Heartbeat shows us the traditional dance of Indonesia- the Lengger dance. Sukma, the most beautiful girl in the whole village performs it. It is a treat to the eyes to watch the culture of Indonesia.

There are several lines that I liked in this movie. Some of them are: “Every human has experienced fear. Fear reminds us that humans have limitations. But fear also means hidden courage. The courage to take small steps. The courage to get back on your feet when you kept falling over and over. Every human has been blessed with power. The power to fight fear. The ability to fight. To take action and listen to your heart.” To quote another one:  “Humans are shaped through the course of their actions.” And the last one is: “Your conscience is the light of your heart.” If you read these lines properly then, they have a lot of hidden meaning to them.

The reason behind why the doctor was doing such dirty work and ditching a profession has not been shown clearly. Watching the Lengger dance is a treat to the eyes. The village in which it has been filmed is also beautiful. The actors could have performed better. Likewise, there should have been more twists and turns in the movie to make it a better watch. The story was quite plain, and there were no mysteries at all. From the beginning, it was known who the killer is. The thing that was only left to be known by the end of the film is what is going to happen to him. I was quite disappointed with the ending. The story is so straightforward, the ending was the opposite.

In my opinion, there are several crime and thriller movies available that are far better than Heartbeat. If you have free time then, you can entertain yourself with this film, but don’t expect too much.

Final Score – [6/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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