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Fate: The Winx Saga - Fans Still Hopeful for Season 3 to Find A New Home Months After Netflix Cancelation

Netflix canceled Fate: The Winx Saga after two seasons in November last year, which prompted fans to raise petitions to get this decision reversed

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The fans of Netflix's canceled series Fate: The Winx Saga are not just ready to give up yet. It may have been more than six months since Netflix axed it, but fans are still raising petitions and trending the hashtags on Twitter to get the show saved. Time may be running out, but they are confident for the show to find a new home.

Netflix canceled the show after its second season which premiered on September 16, 2022. It is not that the second season was very low on viewership as it was viewed for 151 million Hours in its first 28 days, which is not a small number. Even the critics' reviews and the audience feedback were better than the first season. On Rotten Tomatoes, the first season has 40% favorable critic reviews while the second season increased to 50%, and the same goes with the audience score, the first season has 76% positive reviews, which increased to 88% for the second season.

The only valid reason behind its cancelation seems to be the budget, which is a common reason for most of the cancelations. The budget increases with every season renewal, and Netflix may have thought it better to be canceled than renewed. It isn't the only show for which the fans are still protesting, Warrior Nun was also canceled last year, and the fans didn't take it well. As compared to the Winx Saga S2, Warrior Nun S2 was only viewed for 75 million Hours, which is half of the WInx Saga. However, Warrior Nun had zero marketing and even Netflix's official social media accounts hardly did any promotion.

Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger when Bloom finally finds her birth mother in the Realm of Darkness. The potential third season would have explored the Realm of Darkness in more depth, while Bloom came face-to-face with her mother. Now fans want to know what happens next? what is this Realm of Darkness and how are Bloom and her mother connected to it?

On these questions, we connected to a fan who is regularly sharing the Save the Winx saga petition on social media and urging other streaming services such as Prime Video, Apple TV+, or HBO to pick up the show. The Twitter user @Bluetiger9876 said, "I really want a Season 3 as I saw Winx Club when I was 3 to 9 years old, and Fate: The Winx Saga is my favorite show since it came out. I think that canceling Fate the Winx Saga was a mistake and just after a huge cliffhanger and the show was popular and one of the best shows, but the cancellation of the show gives fans a reason to think that Netflix hates LGBTQ shows." Then they urged Netflix to correct their mistake by renewing the series to give it a proper ending.

But @Bluetiger9876 is not the only fan, who is part of this campaign. Many other fans are also sharing the same petition and urging Netflix to rethink its decision, while some are mailing, tagging, and messaging other networks, such as Amazon, Apple TV+, or HBO, to give the show another chance. If you have seen the show and think it deserves a proper ending You can also sign the petition, which has more than 138K signatures.


While I can guess, Netflix has some valid reasons to cancel the show, I think it was a bit harsh decision to cancel a show with such a devoted fandom and excellent viewership. However, the Wings Saga didn't end with the cancelation as creator Iginio Straffi has already revealed that at least two new projects are actively in development - a brand new CG Winx animated series reboot, and a big-budget Winx movie. Straffi didn't provide any details regarding the movie - whether it will be a live-action or animated, or if it will be a continuation of the series or another reboot.

The fans of the show can certainly hope the big-budget project to be a continuation of the series, which can give the Winx Saga a proper ending while answering all their questions. Personally, I don't think one film can cover a complete reboot of the series, and I am sure the creator also knows it.

While the fans are likely to continue running the hashtags, they should also be hopeful that a "big-budget movie," might bring the charm of the original series. They should also urge the creator to bring back the original cast of the series while also asking the film to resume the Season 2 cliffhanger.

For now, Fate: The Winx Saga Season 3 is yet to find a new home as Netflix hasn't answered any queries from the fans. The fandom is disappointed but still hopeful, months after the cancelation.



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