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‘FROM’ Season 2 Episode 3 Review - Boyd Takes Control, But the Nightmare Begins

The third episode set in the nightmarish town opens in the daylight as Boyd returns to take control as the Sheriff

Bradley - Sun, 07 May 2023 09:56:30 +0100 3891 Views
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Three episodes into the FROM Season 2, and in no way it is behind the expectations created by the first season. The new group of visitors are slowly adapting to the situation and the town in the third episode, which brings a bit of normalcy in the daytime.

Boyd is back in town and has taken back his position of Sheriff, as he tries to bring back the situation in control. Randall hasn't learned his lesson and still seems to be in denial regarding the town's reality. He got hold of a rifle and was not willing to let it go until Boyd interfered and gave him two options - either he should have the gone and leave to stay in the woods or he should leave the gun and stay under the roof. Randall finally made a smart decision for once.

However, the main focus of the third episode was one of the bus passengers, who has pinned to a tree in the woods with a rod passing through her head. It was done last night by the monsters, who generally tear apart any human they come in contact with. The rest of the episode surrounds around her, as Kristi, Kenny, Ellis, and Boyd try to save her by safely removing the rod from her head and the tree.

The episode was comparatively less thrilling than the previous one which has a lot of things going on. The episodes kind of gave a breather to the audience as well as the town's people.

The third episode titled, Tether, also teases a big change in Victor's behavior, who seems to be scared and hiding something. This becomes very evident when he snapped and gets mad at Jade, who earlier went through his room.

Tabitha, who spent the night with Victor in the underground, also seems to be having strange visions of two kids holding hands. They seem to belong to the Monsters family, but it could be more than that as Victor also sees a kid, who recently guided him through the forest to reach the underground where Tabitha was stuck.

Jim is still in the clinic and recovering from his wounds, but he also doesn't seem to be normal. However, his whole family was together once again, which brought a smile to his face and a happy moment for the family after a rough night.

Boyd hasn't shared anything with others regarding his last few days' whereabouts and what he is going through. As of now, he is only trying to get everything in place and control while dealing with the strange moving organisms in his hands and body and the reality of what's happening to him. He also explains that Sara asks him to go through a tree, and he doesn't know where she went thereafter. However, the ending of this episode makes the upcoming ones much more exciting as Sara suddenly appears in a basement to Kenny.


Overall, the episode perfectly sets up the series by teasing a lot for almost every character present in the show. I would expect the next episode to slowly dive into Sara's story and if she found any key to escape.

Final Score - [8/10]



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