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Gambling Superstitions and Rituals from Around the Globe

Gamblers worldwide engage in odd rituals and hold mystical beliefs about ensuring luck and wins. Discover unique regional gambling superstitions and practices.

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Gambling and games of chance have been popular across cultures for centuries. And where there is gambling, superstition is sure to follow. The Casumo New Zealand gamblers often develop rituals or subscribe to mystical beliefs that they feel increase their odds of winning. While rationally these practices do not truly influence results, the psychological effects can be real. This article will uncover gambling superstitions and rituals from regions around the world.


Many Asian gambling superstitions tie luck to colors and numbers. In China, red is considered lucky, while green is viewed as unlucky. The number 8 is highly auspicious as it sounds similar to the word for "prosperity," while 4 is avoided because its Chinese pronunciation evokes death. As such, throughout Macau and Singapore, hotel room floors often skip the 4th floor.

Gamblers in the Philippines believe swaying the table back and forth can alter chances, hence security guards keep a close eye. Locals also follow strict post-game rituals, like:

●  Immediately leaving the table after a big win.
●  Facing the exit when betting as a means of "blocking" more losses.


European gambling customs involved carrying charms and performing pre-game practices. The British believe specific items draw luck, like horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and rabbit feet. In 1929, after Arsenal captain Alex James placed a lucky sprig of heather in the ball before the FA Cup win, every final since has involved the tradition. Italians also carry cornicello charms made of red horns to signal diabolic forces and ward off the “evil eye.”

Latin America

Several Latin American cultures practice spiritual cleansing rituals before gambling outings:

●  Brazilians may visit practitioners for limpeza spiritual sessions to "clear out" bad luck. Some head to the ocean to bathe with white flowers.
●  Bolivians partake in Challa ceremonies by burning offerings
●  Ecuadorians have Shamans perform salt blessings

The Caribbean

Caribbean gambling rituals derived from voodoo and folk religions. Jamaica’s casinos frequently report gamblers scattering lucky pennies around machines. In vodou, Papa Legba is the mystical guardian between worlds and bringer of fortune, so Haitians often chant his name. Cubans are known to rub the wall with a black-colored stone before entering casinos in hopes it alters reality.

North America

North American gambling superstitions largely relate to actions and trinkets players believe dictate results:

●  Blowing on dice before a roll.
●  Crossing fingers during games.
●  Lucky thereviewscasino.com apparel like wearing red at roulette tables.

Americans hold some unique modern beliefs like different machine payment dynamics by day and time.

Superstition Examples by Region


Superstition / Ritual


Avoid colors green and numbers with 4. Seek 8 and red.


Sway table, leave after wins, face exit when betting.


Carry lucky charms like horseshoes. Put heather in FA Cup balls.


Get spiritual limpeza cleansing before gambling.


Scatter lucky pennies around casino machines.


Cross fingers during games, blow on dice, wear red at roulette.

While cultural gambling superstitions and rituals lack scientific backing, the extensive practice speaks to enduring human nature. Gamblers worldwide embrace odd beliefs, customs and mystical practices, hoping to gain good fortune and leverage an advantage. But ultimately, odds come down to statistical realities around games of chance. Still the universal prevalence of gambling superstitions suggests they can produce real psychological uplifts – even if small and temporary.

Bottom Line

Gambling superstitions and rituals clearly persist strongly in the human psyche, even in modern times and with technological advancement. While no logical evidence exists proving these practices sway odds, gamblers across cultures cling to them. This speaks to the enduring spirit of superstition – and the desire for any perceived control over chance and unpredictability. So next time you blow on dice or sneak a lucky charm into a casino, you have comrades doing similar acts around the globe.



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