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HBO’s ‘The Idol’ Episode 5 Review - What Was This?

In the season finale of The Idol, Jocelyn begins to take charge of the relationships surrounding her while arranging a showcase for her impending tour, much to Tedros’ chagrin.

Riya Singh - Mon, 03 Jul 2023 06:20:32 +0100 2599 Views
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The Idol episode 5 starts with Jocelyn rehearsing her song with Mike. "Give me tough love," she says, well lady you're already receiving it. After she cheated on Tedros in the fourth episode, he can be seen drinking the next morning and you can also tell that he hasn't slept. She asked him to leave her home, but why would he? He gets to control her, and her decisions over her career, and good sex is complimentary. Leia was happy when Joss was willing to get rid of Tedros.

Finkelstein was going to come that day to discuss things about the concert. Before he came, she can be seen combing her hair repeatedly. Joss was tense and with things happening with Tedros, she couldn't deal with it. When Finkelstein came along with Nikki, Destiny, and Chaim it was all about sensual performances. Initially, Finkelstein didn't like what was happening in Joss's home, but when he discovered the talent these kids held, he was amazed. These four people split into two groups with only Nikki being in the other one. She wanted to cut a deal with Tedros while the other three wanted Joss. Nikki is a smart lady and knows where to invest.

In the final moments of the fourth episode, we saw Xander forcibly taking Rob's picture with a girl. The following day, Rob gets accused of rape. Joss instantly knew who was behind that.

I think that the fifth episode makes a fool of the audience. They play with our emotions and expectations. First, they do what we wanted like kicking Tedros out of Joss's life, abusing him, calling him herpes, and a pimp. Accept it guys, we enjoyed it while he was called all those names. Suddenly after six weeks, he is back in Joselyn's life and earns his grand introduction as the love of her life. Why did they do this to us? Every time something significant is going to happen in The Idol they take us back. The only two things progressing in this series are the negativity spread by Tedros and Joss's career.

Even after cheating on Tedros with Rob, she is back with him. At this point, as an audience, we are frustrated to watch Joss get stuck in the net laid by Tedros. What will it take to break free from him? Joss took Izaak, Chloe, and others under her wing so it's not even like she needs Tedros anymore. The Idol at this point needs to make significant progress as five episodes have already been released. We want Joss flourishing and Tedros running away like the rat he is. If not this, then at least give us something.

After six weeks of separation, what suddenly awakens in Joss is that she realizes that he is the love of her life. For her concert in LA, she even left an artist pass for Tedros. She deliberately didn't leave it under his name so that Destiny, Chaim, Nikki, and Finkelstein don't come to know about it. The reaction of these four people upon Tedros entering with Joss is the same as us. We feel you guys!

Joss kissed Tedros on stage after introducing him. This has to be the most important scene in the fifth episode. If you watch it closely then after kissing, Joss said "You're mine, forever..Now go stand over there". There's an authoritative tone there which might indicate the possibility that Joss will be using Tedros. She stopped feeling anything for him after realizing that their meeting was nothing more than a setup.

Jennie might not be further seen as Dyanne. The facts supporting this are that Joss cut her off and Nikki too doesn't have anything to offer her now. I wanted to see more of her, however, this is all we got. The chances of the plot progressing after the fifth episode still seem to be low. The show has built up its reputation as tapping into emotions and showing sensual stuff. Other than that, the biggest question at this point is when will the story move forward. From the second, and third episodes, the same things have been shown with only adding one or two new things per episode.

Final Score – [5/10]
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