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‘Heart of Stone’ (2023) Netflix Movie Review - The Spy Who Came from the Cold Leaves Us Feeling the Same

Heart of Stone, starring Gal Gadot uses humor, romance, and style to create a boring and unrealistic spy story with a twist that makes no sense.

Arpita Mondal - Fri, 11 Aug 2023 16:53:21 +0100 1689 Views
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Heart of Stone follows Rachel Stone (Gadot), an intelligence operative for a questionable global peacekeeping agency, as she tries to stop a hacker from stealing its most priceless and absurd weapon.

The plot of Heart of Stone is full of jokes and gags, as Rachel Stone faces various enemies and allies in her mission. She teams up with Parker (Dornan), a boring but mysterious agent, and Keya Dhawan (Bhatt), an irritating but rebellious hacker, to track down the elusive Jack of Hearts (Schweighöfer), who has stolen a device that can control any electronic system in the world. Along the way, they encounter Yang (Jing Lusi), a clichéd assassin, Nomad (Okonedo), an obvious operative, and Bailey (Paul Ready), a disposable friend. The film also explores Rachel’s past and her connection to the agency she works for, but fails to make us laugh.

The plot is full of logical inconsistencies and implausible scenarios that make the film hard to follow and enjoy. For example, how does Rachel manage to escape from a high-security prison in Russia with just a hairpin and lipstick? How does Parker survive a bullet wound to the chest without any medical attention? How does Keya hack into the agency’s system without any trace or detection? How does Jack of Hearts know every move that Rachel and her team make? How does Nomad switch sides so easily without any explanation or consequence? How does Bailey die in a car explosion but his body is intact enough for Rachel to identify him? These are just some of the many questions that the film leaves unanswered or poorly explained, these things made me question my sanity.

The plot is also full of clichés and tropes that make the film predictable and dull. For example, the film uses the same old formula of a rogue agent who goes against her own organization to save the world. The film also relies on the same old tricks of fake deaths, double-crosses, hidden identities, and secret agendas. The film also borrows heavily from other spy films, such as Mission: Impossible, James Bond, and Kingsman,  but without any originality or flair. The film also tries to add some twists and revelations at the end, but they are either too obvious or too absurd to be believable or satisfying, and it all ends up in vain.

Heart of Stone is a slow-paced and boring spy comedy that disappointed me with the action and the intrigue. Gadot struggles as the lead character, showing her limitations and lack of charisma as an action star. She performs unconvincing stunts and fights, as well as displaying wooden acting and emotionless expressions. Dornan and Alia Bhatt are also weak as her partners, providing no humor or chemistry. Schweighöfer is a laughable villain, who keeps the audience guessing about his motives and plans, which made no sense.

The action scenes are poorly executed and uninspired, lacking any tension or excitement. The film uses excessive CGI and shaky camera work that makes the scenes hard to watch and enjoy. The film also fails to create any memorable or iconic moments that would make the film stand out from other spy films. The film also lacks any humor or wit that would lighten up the mood or add some charm to the characters. The film also has some awkward and forced romance scenes that do not fit with the tone or the plot of the film.

The intriguing scenes are poorly written and uninteresting, lacking any depth or complexity. The film does not explore any interesting themes or messages that would make the film relevant or meaningful. The film does not challenge any stereotypes or tropes of the spy genre but rather reinforces them with its female lead, diverse cast, and complex plot. The film does not make us care about any of the characters or their motivations, as they are either too flat or too confusing to relate to. The film also does not make us care about any of the stakes or consequences of their actions, as they are either too vague or too unrealistic to matter. The film also has some poor editing and sound design that makes the film look and sound amateurish and cheap.

Heart of Stone is a highly unoriginal and tedious spy comedy that will bore fans of the genre and beyond. It has a weak cast, a sloppy plot, and bland visuals. It is one of the worst Netflix originals of 2023 and a waste of time for anyone who loves action and adventure, or comedy for that matter.

Final Score – [2/10]
Reviewed by - Arpita Mondal
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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