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Hidden Figures: Teaching History Through Film in the Classroom

Even if you are not a history student, you should consider watching films, You’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons that will propel you to achieve your goals

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History is an interesting subject to study in college. However, most students usually have a hard time understanding important concepts and events. Reading books and using past papers is not enough when it comes to studying history. Tutors need to integrate films in class to help their students make progress. The use of films in class not only motivates learners to study but also boosts the learning process. As a history tutor, one of the best films to play in class is “Hidden Figures”. It is a powerful film that has a lot of valuable lessons. In this post, I am going to discuss this film and help tutors learn how to teach history through film in class.

Why watch Hidden Figures?

Hidden Figures is an award-winning film that revolves around the roles that individuals have in promoting progress through equal rights, personal character, freedom, and entrepreneurship. If you love liberty, this is the ideal movie for you to watch. It highlights the challenges that three African-American women go through together with their achievements. It points out some of the ways that these young women used to overcome gender bias and racism. Apart from watching this film, you should consider reading an absolutely free essay about "Hidden figures" to understand the themes clearly. Reading free essay samples on Hidden figures will also help you save a lot of time and energy in the long run.

Important Lessons to Learn from Hidden Figures

There are a lot of valuable lessons that you’ll learn when you watch this film. In this article, we are going to focus on these historical lessons:

1. It’s important to have powerful mentors

Katherine Johnson is the main character in this show. She started showing prowess in math at an early age. She received the support that she needed from her parents since there were no learning institutions available for black girls in their area. She moved together with her family to Institute, West Virginia to continue studying. She met an intelligent African-American chemist who mentored and helped her overcome a lot of obstacles. History teaches us that we need the help and support of others to achieve big goals. As the popular saying goes, no man is an island.

2. Teamwork is key

Kathrine Johnson later joined West Computing Group. This is the place where most African-American women found jobs and interacted with each other. Using the knowledge that they’ve acquired over the years and their newly formed relationships, they would analyze each other’s work to eliminate errors. They worked together to help each other achieve their goals and further space missions. To succeed in any venture, teamwork is essential. In history, we see that most nations across the world rely on each other to conserve the environment, promote peace and unity, enhance security, and eradicate food shortages.

Teaching History through Films

One of the easiest ways to bring history to life is by watching educational films. While some of them will not be 100 percent accurate, they help learners understand the topic better and conduct further research. Tutors should teach history through films due to the following reasons:

1. Boosting memory

Research studies show that nearly 65 percent of the student population are visual learners. These individuals learn best by watching. Instead of having them memorize random dates and names, allowing them to watch historical films in class will help them enjoy the learning process and remember important information.

2. Source of Inspiration

Films help learners see characters from different angles. And these characters can be a source of inspiration for them. For instance, in Hidden Figures, Kathrine Johnson can be a source of inspiration to many learners because she kept rising despite the challenges that she faced along the way.

3. Easy to relate to

Reading the best essay paper samples about major historical events such as World War II is not enough because most authors tend to take a holistic approach. However, watching a film about it will make it easier for you to relate from the perspective of a character. Once you relate, you’ll be interested in the subject and find yourself researching extensively on it.

Tips for teaching through films

Here are a few simple tips that you should use to teach historical films properly:

Prepare – You need to know the film that your students are going to watch in class. Ensure that the titles and content meet the school policies. Go through the copyright terms to avoid breaking the law.

Inform learners – You need to inform your students early about the film that they are going to watch. You don’t want your students to get confused and fail to grasp the concepts that you are trying to teach.

Discuss after watching – Finding time to discuss the key lessons that your students have learned after watching the movie will go a long way in helping them achieve their academic goals.


Hidden Figures is one of the best movies for college students. Even if you are not a history student, you should consider reading essays, online samples, and watching films. You’ll learn a lot of valuable lessons that will propel you to achieve your goals. As a tutor, using the tips that we’ve discussed here and sharing paper examples will not only make your lessons interesting but also memorable.



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