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‘Holly Hobbie’ Netflix Series Review - A Feel Good Drama

New relationships, new difficulties, new opportunities to shine! Holly handles her burgeoning musical reputation, and the family comes together following an accident.

Riya Singh - Thu, 13 Jun 2024 21:49:33 +0100 594 Views
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The second season of Holly Hobbie ended with Hollie being asked to go on a tour with Gwen Taylor and this was a huge accomplishment keeping in mind that the girl was just 15 years old. Also, Holly is now with Oscar; another major change is that Grandfather returned from the dead.

When it was the last day of the tour, Holly’s mom and dad were coming to visit her but sadly met with an accident on their way back. This led to a lot of guilt in the young singer's heart and mind. She ended up blaming herself. Things that follow make you smile, and there are scenes where you want to tear the screen apart.

Heather being the youngest Hobbie is my favorite character as she's so full of energy and there's no dull moment in her life. If there's a thing that seems difficult, she'll always find a way around it. It's her spirits that enchant the audience more than Holly. Just for the sake of Heather if the makers decide to go for another show, I'll binge-watch it with a tub of popcorn because our girl is herself a crazy ride, and who doesn't love tons of drama?

Holly Hobbie swiftly makes its place in the best comfort shows of all time. With many things adding up to its advantage, the audience will find it difficult to stick with the episode number. You'll never know when you started with one season and came to its end so soon. The acting of the lead roles especially the Hobbie kids steals your heart.

There were moments when I thought about how the family is blessed with three kids who are so dedicated to each other's well-being. The season started with their dad's accident and ended with their grandmother's marriage. Can a show have a more beautiful transition or a better end? I don't think so and every moment of life the screen has shared about the Hobbies makes it worthwhile.

However, some things irritate in between like the random banter between Holly and her friends over boys or the whole Grandfather issue. When he was told to be dead, I thought that there was some mystery behind it yet when the moment of truth comes, things fall flat. It's not that I was expecting something scandalous, but at least something to the scale that equals one getting kicked out of the house (that too for twenty years).

The scenes where Holly, Heather, and Robbie do everything in their power to decrease the financial burden on the family caused due to their dad's accident fill your heart with love. At their young ages, if these three kids can learn to share the burden when they haven't even got their graduation certificates, adults in reality sit with blinds. The plot of Holly Hobbie is wholesome and tries to teach a lot of things to its audience.

Turning over to the friendship and relationship dynamics, these two somewhat got messed up and missed their point. There are ten episodes in the third season which is more compared to the previous two. I wish the makers decided to come up with more of this comfort drama.

The majority of the actors in Holly Hobbie are child actors and their age didn't hinder the understanding of their roles thus making the show earn an A+ in acting (or whatever grade they're assigning in school nowadays).

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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