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Home Politics News Hollywood Celebrities think by Bombing the Gaza Hospitals, Israel is Curing the Patients

Hollywood Celebrities think by Bombing the Gaza Hospitals, Israel is Curing the Patients

A few popular celebrities from Hollywood are also going to the extent of calling everyone opposing the genocide regime, a terrorist

Bradley - Sun, 15 Oct 2023 20:40:28 +0100 706 Views
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Whenever a war happens, influential and intellectual people generally request for Peace, but this time the situation is the opposite, in other words, the world has turned upside down. United States along with many film studios in the country, are donating funds to Israel not to stop the war but to take it to the next level. Hollywood celebrities have turned a blind eye to the hundreds and thousands of children getting killed in Palestine by Israeli forces and they still dare to say if you don't support Israel, you are a terrorist. In other words, they all are ready to join the Dark side if they have not already.

Siding with the powerful has always been easy, and maybe in their world, only their children are the real children of god or maybe they think they are superior to others, the same way Hitler thought. The Israeli Defence Forces have given an ultimatum to bomb the Gaza hospitals and have already destroyed one, and these celebrities have not condemned a single act of this kind, instead, they are coming out in more numbers in support of Israel. Even not all the Jews in Israel are in support of such actions.

There could be many reasons behind their blind devotion to a genocidal government, they could be stupid and ignorant to not know what's happening. Some might think that by bombing the hospitals, Israel is doing the right thing as it might cure or at least could end the suffering of the patients. They might also be thinking the children of Gaza look dirty, filled with dirt and dust, and by killing them, Israel is making their future nice and clean. I mean, what could be the other reasons after we all condemned Hamas's attack on Israel where the Hamas did the same.

I have seen the characters portrayed by these celebrities in Hollywood films and I don't think they don't understand the difference between the oppressed and the oppressor. But who knows? I also see some of them going to the extent of supporting the people asking for the cleansing of Arabs from their countries. I won't name any of these ignorant people, but you can scroll through different social media networks to find out who they are.

Hollywood celebrities including many studios have been completely exposed. The amount of funding they are doing to escalate this war instead of stopping it is just mind-boggling. Even the SAG-AFTRA which is on strike against the Hollywood Studios for a fair wage is singing the same song, instead, they should have countered them by asking how these Hollywood studios are able to fund the war if they don't have money to pay their actors. Every dollar going to Israel is helping them fire one bullet at the Children of Gaza locked in the open prison.

The online hate is now showing on the ground. I hope the whole world has not gone mad yet and they can still understand that bombing a hospital is not going to cure the patients and neither will killing the children make their future bright. The reply given to terrorism should not be an amplified terrorism. Maybe these Hollywood celebrities have lost their mind and there is no hope left for them, but sanity should prevail at least among the intellectuals and people in responsible positions.



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