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How to Vary Your Fitness: Amateur Athlete Tips

Muscles gradually get used to the load, and in the end, even the most effective exercises cease to bring results. So, you need to change your training program

Alyssa Malkova - Tue, 29 Mar 2022 10:16:33 +0100 3669 Views
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If you feel that exercise has ceased to be fun, has turned into a routine, and you are just stomping in place, most likely, you have reached a plateau. To overcome this effect, you need to change your training program.

The fact is that the muscles gradually get used to the load, and in the end, even the most effective exercises cease to bring results. Here's how to diversify fitness and get to the next level.

Alternate Between Different Types of Exercises, Either Monthly or Weekly

For example, in the first month you do strength training (working on the strength), and in the second month only high-intensity interval training (working on endurance) and so on.

Or you can alternate between different types of workouts during the week. For example, on Monday you do strength training, on Tuesday you rest, and on Wednesday you do high-intensity interval training.

At the same time, it is mandatory to involve different muscle groups in different classes. For example, if on Monday, you worked the lower body, on Wednesday, it's better to train the back or arm muscles.

Do the Same Workout No More Than 2-3 Times a Week

No matter how effective a workout is, if you do it 3-4 times a week, by the fourth or fifth time your muscles will get used to it and won't respond as well as they should.

That's why you need to diversify your workouts.

Let's say you are doing leg and glute exercises - squats, lunges, and glutes bridge. In the first session, you do 20 squats, 15 backward lunges on each leg, and 20 gluteus motions. In the next session, change the weight and number of repetitions.

Or, if you did a simple glute bridge on two legs, do the exercise on one leg. It seems that there is no big difference, but in fact, other muscles are already engaged.

Squats can be varied by using a fitness band or doing pliés instead of classic squats. In this way, you work not only the gluteal muscles but also the inner surface of the thigh.

Do the Exercises in Different Sequences

This is so your muscles don't get used to doing the same exercises in the same order.

For example, if in your first workout, you started with squats and then did lunges and glutes bridge, then in the next workout do lunges first, then glute bridge, and then squats.

Continuously alternate exercises by combining them into supersets, and drop sets, and no workout will be like the previous one.

Like with live casino dealers in India where it's essential to change strategies for making your game better, it is possible to overcome the "plateau" effect by varying the alternating loads on the lower and upper body.

This improves blood circulation, as well as trains several body systems at once, which fruitfully affects the unloading of the central nervous system and the overall physical condition. Often we need to "surprise" not only the muscles but also the nervous system.

Use Additional Equipment

If you have done exercises with your own weight before, next time take equipment - a fitness band, a fitness ball, a body bar, or dumbbells.

If you are already using the tools, you can take more weight or increase the number of reps. But if you just added weight, then, on the contrary, you can do fewer reps.

This way you "cheat" your muscles. Now they always get a different load, each workout involves different muscle groups. With each training session either your muscles will grow or you will become a little more enduring.



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