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‘In Love and Deep Water’ Netflix Movie Review - Gets Entangled In Its Storyline

When a butler and a passenger try to investigate a perplexing murder onboard a luxury vessel bound for the Aegean Sea, romance, mystery, and mayhem ensue.

Riya Singh - Thu, 16 Nov 2023 18:23:45 +0000 1010 Views
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Kurumas family, being one of the richest medical business families is an evil one. The rivalry for generational wealth leads to the death of the head. From the beginning, the makers didn’t try to make an effort to hide who the killers were. The faces have been revealed very early. Now, if this was kept hidden from the audience, we would have a mystery on our hands and a budding romance.

The way this family treated their father and Kanato (the maid’s boy) was a good addition. Other than that, the addition of how their daughter was treated wasn’t required at all. So many unnecessary details made the film basic and unattractive.

The scene of Chizuru’s entry was too dramatic. With her running, her luggage falling, and then her directly landing into Ubukata’s arms was too filmy. When you start discussing the various things that’ve gone wrong with the project, it’ll take time equivalent to the duration of the film. The Captain of the ship was shown filming videos however, the context behind that hasn’t been explained. This can be added to the list of things that we didn’t require.

The twist added at the end of the film did elevate the plot however it didn’t change my views about the title. All the interesting talks about sirens and how they drown sailors with them increased the expectations. Soon, the plot for me was ruined when an angle of cheating, murder, and a budding new relationship were added. Why the makers include all the genres and fail miserably is the point for introspection for them. Instead, if they had just stuck to one plot, the film would’ve shined and survived.

Talking about the chemistry shared by Chizuru and Ubukata, it passed as quickly as it was about to begin. They have shown how the leads teamed up for a murder cum cheating adventure, so where were the scenes where they got the time to get close. The shadow picture moment was the only one that can be considered, but is it enough to establish a relationship? For me, these two coming together was just a coincidence. I would have liked to watch some other scenes in which they came close and 127 minutes were enough to show that.

The makers put all the characters in the limelight and provided us with all their stories. For example, take the four people except Chizuru and the young boy. Were their background stories necessary? Just a glimpse would’ve been sufficient, but no, we’re forced to know how they landed on that ship. Even if the writers wanted us to tell their stories, instead of telling everything at once, scattered clues to what they are would’ve proved more interesting.

In Love and Deep Water works as its title. Chizuru and Ubukata fall in love while the ship traverses the deep waters of the ocean. This 127-minute movie is a below-average watch for anyone in search of a good title. Also, I wasn’t impressed by the performances delivered by the cast. A stellar performance keeps you hooked to the screen, and In Love and Deep Water, I occasionally found myself wandering about the purpose behind the project.

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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