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Indians Are Happy With COVID & Unemployment, Shows a Survey Conducted by An Indian News Channel

Most of the Indians are not only happy with Corona but they are also happy after losing their jobs, decrease in their income, and are willing to spend more at the same time

Bradley - Sun, 09 Aug 2020 20:41:33 +0100 6516 Views
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Generally, I don't write stories on political matters until it is related to a film or celebrity but the recent events have pushed me to amend my thoughts and it's not because its a very trending matter but because I found it mind-boggling and funny at the same time.


One of the most popular channels of India "Aaj Tak"(Hindi) and "India Today" (English) has conducted a survey this past week (named as "Mood of the Nation"). They asked many questions in the survey to Indian people (I suppose) related to Indian Government and politics. However, their survey has produced many astonishing and mind-boggling results which I may decide to believe if someone can deliver me some high-quality weed. So below I will state the same questions (only a few) from their survey and analyze their results.

The first question they have asked, "How would you rate Prime Minister Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic?"

The answer is very shocking but also encouraging for the whole world. According to their survey, 95% of Indian thinks that their govt' has handled the COVID crisis very well while only 5% think it has been poor.


The ultimate conclusion is almost every Indian is very happy with Corona and in fact, they have never have been so happier before. Other countries around the world should take a lesson and should conduct their own survey, I think they might find out that people are happy, not scared.


But before you reach any conclusion let me tell you that this survey is conducted in the same time when India is currently reporting more than 62k cases each day which is highest in the world with a total 43k deaths reported and India is also currently number 3 after US and Brazil in terms of the total no. of cases with 2.1 million. So you can compare the reality with the survey and find out yourselves who these happy Indians are.


The other questions they have asked were "How would you rate the Modi govt's handling of the economy?" and Are you ready to pay more for goods not made in China?

I have combined these two questions as both are related to the unemployment crisis and again the answer is very shocking, disturbing, and laughable at the same time. According to this survey, 88% of Indians are very happy with the current state of the economy and only 12% are not while according to the 2nd question 67% are ready to pay more for goods.


The ultimate conclusion we can draw from here is, Indians are very satisfied with the current affairs of the economy and we can say that they see a very bright future for themselves if India continues to grow at -5%, ya minus 5%. Also, most of unemployed India is ready to buy costly things at the time when the unemployment rate is highest and people's income has been dropping, I guess govt' must be giving some kind of money to these people that average Indians don't know about.

Again I would like to put out some facts, according to an economic data released last month, around 122 million people have lost their jobs during the pandemic and the number is still increasing. Also according to RBI (India's top bank), the Indian economy is expected to grow -5% for at least one more year and improvement is not guaranteed.


Among other questions they have asked are related to the opposition, China, Best PM-CM, and Entertainment. According to their survey, Indians are not happy with opposition asking questions to the govt' and they think Opposition should stay at home and be safe.

Since I cannot analyze every question of the survey, you can read their survey here and laugh or cry at the same time after drawing out the conclusion. Also, download the pdf file here.


The state of the media has never been good in India after the current regime came to power but the limit has been crossed again by calling almost every Indian a boot licker of the current government. Indian opposition is currently not questioning these media houses as these channels have a very wide reach among India and around 50% of the population watches it on TV and the opposition doesn't want media to report negativity about them (they do it anyway).


Also, few web portals and one or two channels question the government regularly but they never question their competition channel so I decided to write this so that Indian people can understand that an Indian news channel that they watch every day is calling them fool, stupid, Idiot in daylight in their home and ultimately proving by their survey that every patriotic Indian is always high on weed and meth or drunk.


Also, I would like to admire a few people who stood out against it and gave a befitting reply on twitter:




Below are the survey related tweets from the official handle of India Today:





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