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‘Inheritance’ (2024) Netflix Movie Review - Synonymous to Snoring

When their wealthy uncle dies, his home of complicated riddles serves as the backdrop for his estranged family’s quest to inherit a share of his fortune.

Riya Singh - Wed, 19 Jun 2024 16:38:54 +0100 1420 Views
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Inheritance starts with declaring the death of a rich uncle with multiple patents to his name. He's probably worth billions, and that's what the movie is all about. The uncle's butler informed the family about his demise and asked them to come to his mansion for the will reading. However, for the will reading to take place all the family members needed to be present there. Till this scene, several comments about how a family fights over money have been already made making the audience believe that there could be a decoy.

Upon reaching the gas station, Dawid meets his other cousins Karol and Natalia who were there with their partners. Zosia (Dawid’s wife) rolled her windows up when the cousins tried to approach her after obscenely kissing each other in front of their kids. They all get in a race about who'll reach the mansion first, thinking that whoever gets first will get the maximum share of inheritance. They reach their uncle's home and find the butler who asks them to join them later for dinner. To everyone's surprise, the uncle emerges out of the shadows and is very alive.

I am not sure why these days writers are afraid to experiment with the scripts. It happens multiple times that you go wrong with what you have written and what you want to see on screen, but that is not the entire point here as I can say that the actors did give the best. With those lavish sets full of wooden frameworks and luxurious cars, a much better job could have been done. The movie started by giving us the vibes of Knives Out and soon turned into a nightmare (not in an exciting manner).

When it was announced the next day that the uncle was dead, in reality, everybody started to point fingers at each other clearly portraying the love they share. It was at this moment that Police officers came and you cannot trust anyone's identity because the curtain hasn't been revealed yet. So when everyone is taken in by the officers for questioning, they tell their part of the story and hide certain facts. This is when the plot got exciting as there was a tingling sensation, but much was about to get unraveled.

Though their uncle might be retarded and old he was very well aware of the secret kept by his family members. He also wanted the family to prove themselves and how worthy they were. If certain parts of the story were kept hidden like the identity of the individual who was going to solve the mystery. The writers snatched away the element of surprise from ud and what was left was mere games that were too dull to latch on.

There's a certain line pointing towards the comparison of pain one endures in getting kicked in the balls and giving birth. The police officer says that getting kicked in the balls is much more painful as even after a child a woman says that she wants another one, but a man will never say that he would like to experience getting kicked in the balls again.

In my opinion, inheritance is a very dull film that could have better potential if the writers experimented with including other things instead of going with what we've seen before.

Final Score – [4.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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