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‘Invincible’ Season 2: What’s Next for Mark and his Friends?

Invincible has been renewed for two more seasons, and the comics provide a glimpse of what it might look like and where the story will go

Ritika Kispotta - Tue, 18 May 2021 12:25:50 +0100 10298 Views
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It has already been renewed for not only the second season but a third installment as well. Invincible has been a success for Amazon, garnering both critical praise and high viewership. These renewals show that Amazon has plenty of confidence in the show and its creators.

That means we’ll be getting more of Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker’s superhero universe on the small screen. The season 1 finale did also leave things open for many more installments, so it’s not unexpected that Invincible is getting another outing or two in the future.

While Invincible has been renewed, there aren't any details yet regarding season 2's release date. It can be speculated that the second season will likely come sometime in the first half of 2022, but considering how long animation can take to produce it might arrive even later. That being said, Kirkman and his team likely have done some amount of pre-production on the second season even before Amazon gave the official greenlight.

Much of the main cast of Invincible season 1 is likely to return for a second season. This includes Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh (Nora Grayson), Zazie Beetz (Amber Bennett), Gillian Jacobs (Atom Eve), and Zachary Quinto (Robot) as all of their characters play key roles in the comic's story going forward. Also likely to return are guest actors like Ezra Miller (DA Sinclair), Seth Rogen (Allen the Alien), and Mahershala Ali (Titan). All of them become bigger parts of the story as the series goes on. J.K. Simmons might not initially appear as Omni-Man in the next installment, as he was last seen flying off into deep space. Readers of the comic know where he's going, and there's a good chance that he'll come back into the story at the end of season 2.

What to Expect in the Upcoming Season?


Season 2 is certain to pick up this plot thread. Mark will be tasked with keeping Earth safe from the Viltrumites and, in turn, help the Coalition of Planets halt their universe-wide expansion. Mark already knows that a Viltrumite fleet is on its way thanks to Allen the Alien’s warning. The latter has a big part to play in the comics from this point on, so if they’re anything to go by, Mark and Allen’s friendship will only grow stronger from here on out.

As an extension of that, we should find out where Omni-Man/Nolan has gone. In the comics, Nolan flies off to invade another planet, which he hopes will act as recompense - with the Viltrum Empire - for deserting his posting on Earth. There’s a lot more for the TV series to cover regarding Mark and Nolan’s relationship, which is also covered extensively in the comics. We’ll be here forever if we dive too deep into this father-son bond so, for now, we’ll say we hope to see some of J.K. Simmons’ Nolan next season.

If nothing else, we’ll be entering cosmic territory in season 2, so expect stranger worlds, weirder characters, and a universe-spanning plot to translate from page to screen.

The first season finale teased other potential story beats for its successor, too. We should get a continuation of the Sequids storyline, which didn’t get a proper ending in season 1. Here, we know that a Martian has infiltrated Earth after he traded places with one of the human astronauts. In tandem with that, the astronaut who was left behind on Mars is now being controlled by the Sequids, which could spell bad news for Earth if this parasitic race charts a course for the blue planet.

We may also see Titan and Battle Beast’s stories fleshed out in more detail. The last time we saw the duo, they had taken over Machine Head’s criminal organization and teleported away from Earth respectively. Their tales continue in the comics, and Kirkman has already alluded to fan-favorite Battle Beast getting more screen time in Amazon’s adaptation. The Flaxans, too, look like they'll return, despite Omni-Man's rampage across their home planet in episode 2.

One interesting tidbit is new story elements that didn’t make it into Invincible’s comic run. Kirkman revealed that he hoped to include storylines in the TV show that he couldn’t fit into the graphic novels when he was writing them. One example that Kirkman gives concerns Damien Darkblood, who was banished back to Hell by Cecil Stedman in episode 4, but it’s unclear if this will form part of season 2.

On top of the Viltrumite invasion, several Invincible's other enemies are set to return as well. In the final moments of season one, we see Titan make new allies, pink aliens take over Mars and that white tiger guy is still knocking about too. Cecil also plays with fire by enlisting that mad scientist to create new cyborg henchmen, presumably to stop Nolan upon his return.

Moving forward, Mark's relationship with Amber seems to be strong once again, although it's hard to say how long that will last. Let's just hope William is soon reunited with his lover too because things didn't go so well for him and Rick in season one.

We don't quite know which comics they're going to use for the next season. But since the first eight episodes only covered the first 23 comic issues, we have reason to think issues 24 through 46 would be worth reading if you want to have an idea of what's next. At this rate, the Invincible series could roughly wrap up around season 7 or 8, as there are 144 Invincible comics, spanning 15 years of Robert Kirkman's career.

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