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ISHIKO and HANEO: You’re Suing Me? Netflix Series Review - A Compilation of Great Legal Cases

A paralegal from a prestigious law school collaborates with an eccentric lawyer, taking on weird little cases out of a small, neighborhood law firm.

Riya Singh - Thu, 09 Nov 2023 19:48:02 +0000 862 Views
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Ishiko and Haneo: You're Suing Me? is a good series but it may bore you if you plan to watch the entire series in a day. The correct approach to this one would be just two or three episodes in a day. There are a total of ten episodes with an average duration of 45 minutes each. You can easily split up the series and cover it in three to four days. The graph each episode follows is amazing, still how long can the audience deal with the same approach?

The point here is that with each passing case, we see that there’s a sort of repetition. First, the cases brought to the firm are superficially evaluated and then deep things get exposed. There are some things that the people didn’t want the lawyers to know. With their skill and talent, the leads uncovered every truth.

The best part is how they even went overboard to help people. It was never that once they had solved the case, their job was finished. Be it the single mother shown in the first episode or the scared shop owner in the first episode, Ishiko always went overboard to help them in other ways. She always wanted to be a lawyer, and this was her way of helping people, being a paralegal.

It was good that each case was different from the previous one and a little bit of the personal lives of the lawyer and the paralegal have been shown. What attracted my attention from the beginning was Haneo’s anxiety. Whenever there’s a tense moment, he begins to get anxious and this is when Ishiko stepped forward. What had been troubling Haneo is revealed in the last episodes. The main leads: Haneo and Ishiko formed a great team. They complimented each other and recognized each other’s weaknesses. This is what made them a great team.

The series did give Vincenzo vibes as it featured an intelligent lawyer, but apart from this, the series is very different. In all, Ishiko and Haneo: You're Suing Me? is a good series, and they have narrated the stories intriguingly. The whole matter isn’t revealed at once. You only get bits of information that make you crave what the truth may be. At times, I felt like I was with them while solving the case, giving Sherlock Holmes vibes.

I had a little bit problem with the time duration. While watching the episodes, it occurred to me that if the episodes were reduced by a duration of ten or so minutes, the impact would have been larger. The last minutes were wasted and underutilized.

This is a thing about a good series that gets you invested. Had the series been dubbed into English and other languages, it would have been possible for a wider audience to see this series. As we know many don’t like reading subtitles while watching a show, so the Japanese series missed a chance to reach a wider audience.

Final Score – [8/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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