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‘Janaki Jaane’ Hotstar Movie Review - Rough Phase of Politics

A film that explores the journey of Janaki, a woman burdened by irrational fears, as she confronts her anxieties and navigates the world of politics and media.

Neha Krishna - Thu, 13 Jul 2023 05:55:27 +0100 1321 Views
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In the realm of cinema, interesting premises often lay the foundation for exceptional storytelling. Unfortunately, "Janaki Jaane," directed by Aneesh Upasana, falls short of capitalizing on its intriguing concept. Despite the solid performances delivered by Navya Nair and Saiju Kurup, the film fails to engage viewers and leaves them wanting more.

The story revolves around Janaki, portrayed by Navya Nair, a woman burdened by irrational fears. She is terrified of darkness and finds solace in the company of others, always seeking companionship to stave off her anxieties. Saiju Kurup's character, Unni Mukundan, comes to her aid during one of her panic attacks and eventually falls in love with her. They embark on a journey of love and marriage, only to be confronted by the daunting task of addressing Janaki's fears. Complications arise when Janaki becomes the target of a rival political party's scheme during an election campaign. With the support of her husband and friends, Janaki must confront her fears to reclaim control over her life and protect those around her.

While the performances of Navya Nair and Saiju Kurup are commendable and elevate the film to some extent, the narrative fails to deliver on its promising premise. Directed by Aneesh Upasana, who co-wrote the script with Anil Narayanan and Rohan Raj, "Janaki Jaane" adopts a nostalgic 90s feel but falls into the trap of being too slow-paced. The film's message, criticizing the unscrupulous nature of media and politicians, is nothing new and has been explored repeatedly in recent times. Consequently, while the movie is watchable, it lacks the unique elements that would make it truly stand out.

One of the film's major drawbacks is the underutilization of Janaki's fears. Unlike the 2000 film "Thenali," which expertly incorporated various phobias into a rip-roaring comedy, "Janaki Jaane" fails to explore the full emotional potential of the story. Instead, the director chooses to tread a middle ground, as if afraid to commit too heavily to either side. This hesitance robs the film of the opportunity to delve deep into Janaki's character and fully engage the audience.

The weak link in "Janaki Jaane" emerges from its half-baked political storyline, which serves as the catalyst for Janaki's personal growth. Unfortunately, this aspect of the film fails to impress, and attempts at humor often fall flat. While there are occasionally pointed criticisms aimed at voyeuristic television and online media channels, the film largely follows the pattern of one-sided political criticism, a common theme in recent Malayalam cinema.

Despite its intriguing premise, the film struggles to draw viewers into its narrative and fails to evoke the same emotions experienced by Janaki. Some of the panic attacks she endures, such as the failed comedic attempt after being left alone on a street, feel out of place and detract from the overall storytelling. Additionally, the constant shifts between Janaki's personal story and the local political context only serve to muddle the film's focus. A more effective approach would have been to remain rooted in Janaki's journey, allowing the conflict to arise organically from her own life experiences. Unfortunately, the revelation of the true cause of her fears, connected to childhood traumas, arrives late in the film, dampening its impact.

While Navya Nair delivers a competent performance, her character lacks the opportunity to truly shine. Similarly, Saiju Kurup's recent roles have become somewhat repetitive, leaving the audience craving more variety and depth. Overall, "Janaki Jaane" fails to fully realize its promising premise and falls short of its potential.

In conclusion, "Janaki Jaane" struggles to utilize its interesting premise to create a captivating cinematic experience. Despite the commendable performances of Navya Nair and Saiju Kurup, the film's weak execution and lackluster storytelling prevent it from leaving a lasting impression. While it may be watchable, "Janaki Jaane" fails to offer anything truly exceptional.

Final Score- [4/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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