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Kings of Jo’Burg Season 2 Review - Adds Exciting Elements But With the Flaws of Season 1

In Season 2, Mo must assume control of the Masire family's business as well as the curse after Simon goes missing, but no one is as they appear, particularly his lover Phumzi

Poornima Balsu - Fri, 27 Jan 2023 16:14:48 +0000 7205 Views
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Kings of Jo’Burg is a south African series that released its second season on January 27th on Netflix. The first season was released in 2020 with six episodes. The second season however comprises 8 episodes, each having a run time of 40 to 48 minutes. The show is created by Shona Ferguson and produced by Samad Davis, Wesleigh Kapotis, and Lauren Nell. It has a suspenseful as well as a supernatural theme throughout. Crime, thriller, drama, and fantasy are the genres that are included in the series.

Kings of Jo’Burg tells the story of two brothers, Mo and Simon, involving a crime drama. The Masire brothers rule the criminal underworld of Johannesburg. A supernatural family curses them and they are caught up in the threat of being destroyed. The first season ends with Simon having to sacrifice his son to the supernatural element in the show which is the mermaid. The story picks up from there giving us a lot of exciting events. After two years now the series is back to continue where it stopped. In the second season, we mind Mo becoming the head of kings, followed by a lot of drama regarding family and also the mermaid.

The series includes lots of suspenseful events from the first episode till the last. Be it with the characters or the turn of events in the story, the show will surprise the audience throughout. The series stars Shona Ferguson, Zolisa Xaluva, Sello Sebotsane, Buhle Samuels. Tk Sebothoma, Nnekwa Tsajwa, Connie Ferguson, and many others are in the roles of supporting characters.

The show has a decent story but it has been executed very poorly. This happens even in the first season and this problem continues in the second season as well. Especially the supernatural elements used in the show is quite unsatisfactory. Supernatural elements might seem like a tool used by the makers to bring attention to the series. The series also has several subplots that are happening simultaneously and it is too difficult to focus. The series itself has failed to prioritize any of the plotlines that the story has.

The actors have done decent performances but the characters are not used properly in the story. Some characters are unnecessary and some do not receive the amount of limelight they deserved.  However, the second season is here to answer the questions that were left within us when the show ended two years back. And the makers have given us a fairly exciting second season.

The last episode of season two has some good suspense delivered by one of the characters which will certainly excite the viewers. This season has tried to give us more exciting elements in each of the episodes despite all the other things it lacks. Even with lots of plotlines running, the series manages to deliver elements that will make the viewer excited for the coming episodes.

With the death of Shona Ferguson in July 2021, the makers claim to have a difficult time initially picking up the show for a second season. But it is safe to say that the writer has done a good job redirecting the story and making necessary changes to cover the absence of Simon who was played by Shona.

Overall, the second season of Kings of Jo’Burg is a decent watch. The viewers who have previously enjoyed season 1 will certainly enjoy this season too. But otherwise, for someone entirely new to this show, Kings of Jo’Burg might seem an okay watch but it is still worth a try for its story!

Final Score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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