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‘Leligar’ (For Rent) Netflix Movie Review - A Peaceful Story Carrying Meaningful Messages!

The movie follows Khalid, who rents an apartment with a nosy neighbor and starts experiencing a series of bizarre incidents including visions of a strange woman

Poornima Balsu - Fri, 06 Jan 2023 18:56:45 +0000 4205 Views
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Leligar is a middle eastern movie released in 2021 that is available on Netflix. The movie stars Mohamed Sallam and Khaled El Sawy in the main roles. The film has a run time of about 1 hour and 29 minutes and delivers a heartwarming story.

Leligar tells us the story of a young man called Khalid and an old man called Mukhtar. Mukhtar rents one room of his house to Khalid who had to move in suddenly due to his job. Mukhtar is a noisy as well as nosy man and Khalid initially is introduced as someone quiet in nature. Even though Mukhtar and Khalid form a bond over time, everything does not go well with Khalid since his shift. Khalid starts getting bizarre dreams of someone who killed themself. Unable to figure out the cause of all this, Khalid confronts Mukhtar which creates more chaos and confusion. The rest of the film provides us with answers to Khalid’s worries and also some beautiful messages that the makers want to deliver through this story.

Khalid and Mukhtar’s relationship is the emotional element in this film. They both go from having awkward bickering to comfortable bickering. Even though Khalid comes into Mukhtar’s life so abruptly they both bond very easily, thanks to Mukhtar’s nature. The character development of Khalid and Mukhtar is depicted so nicely that it gives us a vibe of a father-son relationship.

Leligar’s story has a calm nature throughout. Even though there are some revelations about what Khalid experiences in Mukhtar’s house, it doesn’t come out as suspense or a twist. The story is focused more on giving us some good messages about life. The film also mildly touches on suicide as a concept. The film talks about how humans tend to lose hope when everything does not go according to plan. Living and exploring life is another idea that the movie delivers to us. Whatever happens, we need to continue living because we have so much more ahead of us is what the side characters of the film teach us. The makers have used most of the characters well in the story but don’t explore their characters much. Those characters play a significant role in the lives of the main characters but still, they have been left unexplored. Especially the character of Layla. She played an intriguing role in Khalid’s life since he moved in. But the story doesn’t give much importance to her character as much as the audience would expect. The story surely will make us Intrigued about her character and what possible connection she will have with what Khalid experiences but Lyla merely gets two or three scenes in the entire film which is very much disappointing.

The film besides this is a clam watch. Even though it does not offer us anything great, it also will not bore the audience. The calmness in the story and the loud characters weirdly balances out the film. This film may not be a great watch but it can become a good watch if you are in search of a story that delivers something meaningful. It will entertain us with some good comedy and beautiful messages therefore give this Egyptian movie a try if you would enjoy watching something peaceful.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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