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‘Love Village’ Netflix Series Review - Finding Final Love

In this reality show, Singles aged 35 and over of diverse backgrounds relocate to a house in the countryside for another chance at love

Riya Singh - Tue, 02 May 2023 20:32:05 +0100 7023 Views
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Love Village is a real love show hosted by Becky and Atsushi and it shows us the journey of eight participants (aged 35 years and above) to find the person they can spend the rest of their life. They’re locked in a 152-year-old Japanese house with no connection to the outer world other than a laptop that can be used for ordering groceries. Each participant has a fixed monthly expenditure, and they need to utilize it in the right manner. 

The rule of the Love Village is that if a participant confesses his/her love and gets accepted by the other one, then this pair can leave together, otherwise the one who confessed would have to leave alone. The participants are mingling with each other while renovating the old home they’ve been provided which is home to odd creatures like a four-inch spider.

The eight participants of Love Village are Tabo, Hollywood, Totchan, Okayo, Minane, Johnny, Yukiemon, and Anchovy. They’re not permanent as some will leave and more participants will come just like we saw in the fourth episode. The first episode is about the participants entering the village and getting familiar with each other. In this episode itself, we see pairs forming and people sharing their opinion about whom they like. Hollywood and Yukiemon seemed like a great couple, but destiny had something else planned for them.

My bias was Johnny, the psychologist, however, he had to leave the show because of his work at the hospital, so let's see where the show will take the audience as the final moments of the fourth episode disclosed the entry of three new participants. Yukorin, Jupnei, and Sakechan are the new entries. How these new entries will change the game and if they’ll snatch others’ love interests or not might make the show interesting. 

In my opinion, this show doesn’t show real emotions, and many things seem to be scripted just to bring twists in the plot and make or as we say add “masala”. When Hollywood and Johnny left the house, the other participants’ tears flowed like a river even though they had known each other for just a few days. Also, the fact that a laptop for ordering groceries online made me laugh as they just said that phones were taken so that they don’t have any connection then, what was this laptop also equipped with the internet? 

Things seem dull, and the only advantage is its short episodes. Only four of the eighteen planned episodes have come out and you can watch it to pass your time if you don’t have anything worthwhile to do. The concept on which Love Village is based is providing a platform for people above 35 years to find their love and this seemed interesting initially. There are two narrators and the male one can be seen crying too often. I kept wondering why the hormones were so high in this show as fewer things made sense. The emotions don't reach your heart despite this being a real live show. Better things could have been shown rather this just being scripted. The most absurd thing was how the participants jumped right on the topic of sex on the same day they met. 

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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