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‘Love You My Arrogance 2’ Netflix Movie Review - It’s Everything We Have Ever Watched!

The movie follows two social media stars, who compete with each other to create travel content — and for the affections of a girl they both know

Poornima Balsu - Sat, 01 Oct 2022 19:52:03 +0100 8350 Views
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Love You My Arrogance 2 is the newly released Thai movie on Netflix, a sequel to the movie, Love You My Arrogance. The second part continues the story offered to us in the first but with some additional new characters. The main characters remain the same, and their story and emotions remain the same too.

Love You My Arrogance 2 tells us the story of two social media stars/ YouTubers named Sun and Tul competing against each other in a tourism video competition and who is also the love interest of the female protagonist named Anna. Anna was introduced as a novelist in the first part and in the second part we see that her novel is being made into a movie by a popular producer. Sun was introduced as someone with the supernatural power of listening to people’s thoughts. That characteristic of him has been maintained in the second part as well. Anna, who is in love with Sun, finds it difficult to put across her thoughts and also learns that her ex, Tul, is still in love with her. We see the three fight fairly for their love, and also excel in their professions.

The film does not have a very captivating story to be precise. The story is everything that we have ever watched. It has a plotline that has been told in many other films and also has cliché characteristics to the characters. Best friends of the protagonists trying to bring the leads together and catering to the comedy element of a film are something we see in many romantic comedies, and Love You My Arrogance 2 has also held on to this. It’s quite obvious to guess with whom Anna will end up. The story is straightforward and does not contain any sort of suspense.

The only extra element we get to grasp from the story is something that was revealed about Anna’s character towards the end of the story. Apart from this, there is nothing different or new about the story, if we compare it to other romantic comedies or this film’s first part. The supernatural power that the character has also does not save the movie from being an average watch because the power has not been used in such a way that can amaze the audience. It feels like that element has been added just so that the movie doesn’t seem too bland.

Surprisingly even though the second part is partly a continuation of the first, it can be easily watched by someone unfamiliar with the first part. Nevertheless, Love You My Arrogance 2 is a very average film with a sappy storyline and does not offer us anything different. It can be considered a feel-good movie as it has a very calm pace and can be graded as a one-time watchable.

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Poornima Balsu
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