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Lucifer Morningstar Returns As God in ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 First Trailer

Lucifer was promoted to god, but does he really wants the job? In addition, Chloe prepares to retire from investigative work. Catch everything on September 10

Bradley - Tue, 10 Aug 2021 17:54:05 +0100 4195 Views
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Netflix has revealed the first trailer for Lucifer Season 6, which shows the Devil returning as God. As Lucifer says all bad things must come to an end, the series is ending with season 6 of this action-fantasy series, which will premiere on September 10 on Netflix.

The trailer (watch above) shows, Lucifer is back on earth as a God not as a devil, and is giving an interview, "Let's just start with what you were doing before the event this evening?" "I was bribing a motorcycle cop." "You were bribing a police officer?" "-Indeed, Not for the first time." "And up until recently, you consulted for the LAPD? You also claim you're the Devil?" "Was the Devil, God now. Well, nearly." "How old would you say you are again?" "Well, time works very differently in Hell, so…" "He's just sensitive about his age, even I don't know the real number."

Lucifer's Season will consist of ten episodes and will most likely pick up where Season 5B left off. In the Season 5B finale, Lucifer returns as a God rather than the Devil. The season finishes with Lucifer's final statements in his new role, "Oh my Me," as Michael and the angels encircle him and kneel before him. The terrible death of Dan in the penultimate episode of 5B was described as the series finale before it was extended for another season.

Previously, Merrin Dungey was cast as Sonya, a no-nonsense detective who forms an odd friendship with Amenadiel, and Brianna Hildebrand as Rory, a rebellious and angsty angel trying to follow in Lucifer's footsteps, who would soon "realize Lucifer isn't exactly the devilish big bro she dreamed he'd be."

LUCIFER is the story of the original fallen angel, based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Lucifer Morningstar, dissatisfied with his gloomy life in hell, moves to Los Angeles. While there, he aids humanity by bringing out people's deepest desires and ideas through his experience and telepathic skills. A shootout involving him and a Detective in his nightclub (Lux) leads to him becoming an LAPD consultant who tries to punish people for their sins through law and justice.



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