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‘Lupin’ Season 3 Netflix Review - The Return of an Old Foe

On the run, Assane intends to safeguard Claire and Raoul from a distance as the press and police turn their attention to them, but old enemies are keen to foil his intentions.

Riya Singh - Fri, 06 Oct 2023 11:19:25 +0100 840 Views
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Lupin always gets you in awe of the architecture shown in the series. All that stills from Paris and I still can not get enough. Lupin is known for the wickedness its lead role Assame shows. Parts 1 and 2 focus on how this admirer of Lupin (a character from a novel) utilized his tricks to prove that his father was innocent.

Part three is more about Assane faking his death so that his family can have a shot at normal life. What goes wrong in this trick is the kidnapping of his mother. She was an unexpected guest at his burial and Assane’s enemies kidnapped her. Using her as bait, they forced Assane to do all sorts of wrong things.

As we remember from previous parts, this wasn’t the first time that his family was held hostage. Previously, Raoul was also held hostage and that situation turned out to be very dangerous. Here, the enemies make him perform robberies and deceive his close ones.

From the start, I have liked the partnership between Assane and Youssef Guedira. Though they have a common admiration for Lupin, it is the single thing that binds them. I could never have guessed that they both might prove useful to each other, but the series surprised you by using their friendship.

Certain things in Lupin Part Three made it boring as compared to the previous parts. I used to enjoy the show when the lead character went around unbothered and showed us his tricks. The danger looming over the family and the involvement of so many scenes from his childhood made this part dull for me.

In the previous parts, there always used to be excitement about what he was going to do next as there were no restrictions. In part three, Assane wasn’t free to do things as he wanted hence, there wasn’t much excitement. Also, earlier I was so much into the series that I tried to blink less frequently and this one let me doze off in peace.

It was good that Assane’s family finally got some weightage in the series however, it made the show less intense and less attractive. Yes, the character did show some tricks from time to time, but this 7-episode part three didn’t have the same magic as earlier.

Also, it appears like the series doesn’t have much left to show. The makers are simply extending it and one of the reasons might be for profit. The spoiler shown at the end of the seventh episode for the plot of the fourth part hints at taking us back to the Pellegrini’s.

In the first two parts, Assane is the hunter and from the looks of it, he is the one being hunted in the third and the fourth part. I’m not liking Assane being the one targeted.

In the third part, I was not impressed by the story and it didn’t astound me like the previous parts did. Assane was shown faking his death and it was crystal clear that he is alive. If the makers were planning to show fake death, a much better approach could have come in handy. What is the use of showing fake death when the audience already knows about it? A better path could have been followed to shock the audience. In my opinion, Lupin Part Three is nothing short of a disappointment. I expected much more and this one comes off as a cold breeze.

Final Score – [6.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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