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‘Mala Fortuna’ (2023) Prime Video Series Review - Two Scammers, One Family

The series follows Mitchie and Marie Claire, who find themselves at odds while attempting to get access to the Urquizas, one of Mexico’s wealthiest families.

Riya Singh - Sat, 19 Aug 2023 21:29:05 +0100 5225 Views
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Mala Fortuna aka Misfortune is a Spanish series in which we see the formation of unlikely to rob a rich family. What started as a competition between two young and charming people, was ultimately revealed that they have a deeper secret.

Julio is seen seducing old women to get a lifestyle. The boy never reveals his real name and gets entry into the lives of these old yet rich ladies with a fake identity. By making a way into their bedroom, he also gets access to their banks. The mistake he made with the first lady shown in the first episode is that he slept with her maid. After she found out by watching the CCTV footage, the man had no other option but denial. She ran after him like a mad woman with a stick in her hand.

Escaping her home, he lands up in a grocery store just to realize that he doesn’t have the cash to buy sauces, and let hot dogs alone. After calling his mom, Julio realizes that he is on his own. Hence, he sets his eyes on his new target, the Urquizas.

Victoria, another young woman with dashing looks is seen crashing a fashion show. She pretends to be someone responsible for handling the dresses and steals them. The purpose of stealing them? She also needs money for her father’s bail and scamming rich families seems like a good and easy option. Victoria also has her eyes set on the Urquizas. While she is after the son, Julio is after the mother of the family.

In the first episode itself, a glimpse of their past is shown. From that five to ten seconds clip, one can make out that Julio and Victoria belonged to rich families before they set out paths to become scammers.

Their cross-overs are interesting because the chemistry that hatred alone brings onto the screen is worth watching. We have to applaud Spanish series and films for having lavish sets and dashing casts. Just a look at the scammer and the loneliest ones including the Urqizas will be ready to empty their banks.

While Julio easily finds a way to blend in, it was difficult for Victoria as this was her first time. Unlike Julio who scams to live a good and lavish life, Victoria had a motive. Hence, she was my bias. I was interested in watching them pair up and destroy this family. Be it Succession or The White Lotus, dramas about rich families attract audiences because of their sophistication and the intricate details that lie behind those covers.

In my opinion, Mala Fortuna is a good series to watch. It has just eight episodes. The series might not be over just and I would like to see what the series has in store for the audience. If you are interested in watching Mala Fortuna, then don’t start with any expectations because you’d know what is going to happen next. Still, it makes up for a decent show.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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