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Manifest Saved, What Fans Can do to Save ‘The Society’ and Bring it Back for Season 2 on Netflix

‘The Society’ was renewed for a second season soon after the premiere of the first season, but it got canceled last year due to COVID

Bradley - Sat, 28 Aug 2021 20:38:28 +0100 9435 Views
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It's not the first and neither will be the last time that a campaign from the TV Show fans has been successful. Netflix has decided to pick up Manifest for a fourth season after a 2-month online campaign and petitions from its fans. Previously, Snyder Cut Justice League campaign also succeeded.

Netflix may have saved the Manifest but there is another show for which fans are campaigning for more than a year now. Last year, Netflix suddenly reversed its decision and canceled a very successful series, The Society, which they already renewed for the second season. Since that time, fans are campaigning online and creating petitions to bring the back series. The hashtags can be seen almost every day.

By seeing the immense popularity of the show, it is hard to ignore such devoted fans. So, here is what you can do to help save the society (The Society).

1. Create only one online petition requesting to bring back the show. In this way, you can have a large no. of signatures consolidated in one place. Multiple petitions can hide the real number of fan following. You can use this petition as it already has more than 100K signatures - Save The Society Petition.

2. Clearly decide the hashtags including which you want to run the online campaign on Twitter. In this case #savethesociety and #bringbackthesociety are the best options.

3. Unlike Manifest, The Society is a Netflix original series with no involvement of any third-party production company. So, it can never be picked up by another streaming service unless Netflix decides to sell it, which they will not. So, you only need to tag Netflix and not any other streaming service to bring back the show.

4. Unlike any other show, The Society is also running out of time as the first season aired in May 2019. Fans have to intensify their campaign before the original cast gets super busy in other projects.

5. There is an option to request shows/movies on the Netflix website, you can send a request for the show to Netflix and make them feel what they are missing. (I guess fans are already doing it)

6. Keep the cast and crew of the series on your side, always ask executive producers and cast members to tweet/retweet about bringing The Society back. Don't flood their DMs or mailboxes. You need to have a few cast members or an exec. producer take the lead on #SaveTheSociety campaign (hashtags) by requesting/asking them to speak up about it, as it will attract much more attention.

7. Email Netflix executives and PR executives with a link to the online petition, show them its popularity. Their email addresses are available online, you can email them anytime, but again, don't flood or spam.

8. You need to follow the kind of strategy that #Snydercut campaign adapted that ultimately achieved Zack Snyder's Justice League, which has a much bigger budget than The Society.

9. There is a large no. of fan following on many other Netflix shows, request those fanbases to watch the show as well. It will help the show becoming more popular, and also some of those viewers will definitely join you in #savethesociety campaign.

10. Don't give up hope, SnyderCut campaign took 3 years to be successful. Make the petition reach as many people as possible, also ask for donations (if possible), and do some good work for society in the name of the show. In return, it will bring back a more positive side of the fans, which will also help others to join.

A few months back, we did hear that Netflix is thinking to bring back a show, which got canceled last year due to COVID. Currently, we are not hearing anything about it. There might be some discussions or maybe not, but we can still hope for the best.



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