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‘ManSuang’ Netflix Movie Review - A Culturally Rich Thriller

In Man Suang, in a struggle for their life, two dancers enter a high-profile social club and enlist the support of a newfound ally to expose Siam’s traitors.

Riya Singh - Fri, 01 Mar 2024 06:17:57 +0000 1248 Views
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At first glance what catches your attention the most is the culturally rich heritage of the land of Thailand. Sponsored by Content Thailand and the Ministry of Culture, this 127-minute-long film smoothly shifts its gears as it transitions from one theme to another.

The first third part of ManSunag consists of beautiful dances performed in traditional dresses. The smooth moves make you want to learn the form and understand its historical background.

It is set in the 19th century and follows the time spent by Khem and Wan at ManSuang after they were sent there by their master. These both were suspects in the murder of their nephew and if they wanted to get their lives pardoned, they had to complete a mission—the mission comprised of finding the documents suggesting the evidence of illegal sale of weapons to the Europeans.

Khem and Wan meet another man at ManSuang, Chatra, a drummer. Khem thought that he could trust him with the real reason for him coming into the place but Chatra too wasn’t innocent and had a hidden motive. ManSuang is a complex place to live in and the people there never show their real intentions and hide behind masks. In the exact scene in which Khem told Chatra, the slight change in his expression reveals how it was a bad decision. These three boys start investigating and end up in way more danger than they could have thought of.

ManSunag is an excellent combination of Thailand’s local traditions and includes its folk music and dance. It is mixed with a murder mystery which these three men have started to investigate. Another addition is Khem being gay and being exploited by his masters. The people at that time were homophobic and criticized Khem for the same. The poor man had to hear so many things and there are certain scenes in which he can be seen crying and hugging his body.

The film is excellent in terms of providing every character with the time and space they need. Though Khem and Chatra were among the main leads, other characters too had an important role. I liked how every character was so clearly thought of and portrayed.

For the audience who like folk music, this will be a treat to your ears and eyes. The film has targeted a larger section of the audience and will be successful in wooing them. I wish this was a multi-episode series so that the audience could get their due time to submerge in the powerful content the makers have brought to our screens.

No character acting disappoints as the actors have put in so much effort that it is visible on the screens. Instead of being worried about who the killer is, the audience should sit back and relax. With the amount of things shown in the film, the focus is likely to shift from the murderer.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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