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Meaningful Movies with Important Life Lessons for Students

Movies can inspire you to take action for the better while also creating a memorable impact that makes you think about it for the rest of your life

Cory Shilling - Wed, 14 Sep 2022 12:49:51 +0100 2948 Views
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Some movies you watch have important life lessons to teach you. Some others can inspire you to take action for the better. And there are those films that create a memorable impact on you that makes you think about it for the rest of your life. Watch the movies mentioned below, as they contain important life lessons for students. 


The tv movie Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, is a must-see movie for students. It is the story of a killer whale that killed many people while being captive. Blackfish challenges you to consider your relationship with nature. It reveals how ignorant we are about the intelligence of whales.

After seeing the movie, you will develop a different level of respect, understanding, and love for these enormously sentient mammals. Another way to enjoy this story and also add value to your education is through essays. You can get inspiration from various essays on "Blackfish" documentary on EduZaurus if you are looking for essay samples. The professional writers are ready to help you with Blackfish essay samples so you can submit your coursework assignments on time. They are easy to work with and can help you in getting good grades.

The Family Man

The Family Man is about a successful investment banker who considers how different his life would be if he had chosen a different path several years ago. He chose his career in the banking industry instead of pursuing his relationship with his girlfriend. It contrasts a quiet and stable family life with a wealthy lifestyle.

The Family Man is a thought-provoking film that makes you think about the choices and decisions you make in life. In the end, you will realize that it is possible to attain both a successful career and a loving family if you plan it well.


The hero in this movie is a man who unexpectedly gets hold of a magical remote controller that enables him to rewind and fast forward his life. Using the device, he visits his past and skips through the moments that he considers boring and mundane. Those scenes include family dinner, sickness, and showers.

There are moments in life when we crave action, adventure, or something out of the ordinary. However, life is all about little incidents that we take for granted. Time spent with our loved ones can get boring for some people. However, those are memories to be cherished. Each moment unfolds before us and makes up our life.


The Secret

This documentary on positive thinking and the law of attraction tells us that both our subconscious and conscious thoughts affect life events. The self-help movie was a huge success as soon as it was released in 2006. The Secret was featured on Larry King, The Ellen Show, and Oprah, among other media outlets.

It is not a movie that will make you stop doing what you are doing to attain success in your life, be it academic excellence or a thriving career. But it teaches you how to think positively to attract the good things in your life as you put in the necessary effort to attain them.

Groundhog Day

An arrogant TV anchor finds himself in a loop where the same day repeats itself throughout his life. The story has a fascinating twist to it. He remembers the events of the past day, but nobody else does. Although initially, he used this strange phenomenon to his advantage, later, he started evaluating his priorities and life.

You can liken the hero’s life to each human being’s life, where we experience certain problems repeatedly. It stops once we learn to deal with it. It can also be likened to reincarnation, where we have several lives until we attain the revelation that makes us ascend the path.

The Butterfly Effect

The main character in the movie The Butterfly Effect goes back to his past to alter the future to suit his needs. However, each time he tries to change the events, he faces unexpected consequences.

The moral of the story is that any little action that we take affects something else in our life. In other words, a series of small life decisions we make have an impact in some other area. The reason you are what you are today is because of some actions or series of events that happened in the past.


Each movie mentioned here has inspirational stories and dialogues. Students would enjoy watching them greatly. Take some time out of your hectic schoolwork and watch a movie during the weekend. A little digression from the weekly routine can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

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