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‘MerPeople’ Netflix Series Review - Mesmerizing and Unique

This docu-series dives into the enchanting world of professional mermaids that has exploded into a half-billion-dollar industry.

Neha Krishna - Tue, 23 May 2023 13:03:52 +0100 2363 Views
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MerPeople, the Netflix documentary series invites viewers into the little-known world of professional mermaids. Spanning across the United States, the series follows a diverse group of individuals who don elaborate mermaid tails, plunging into the depths of underwater performance, personal branding, and a community that embraces their mermaid obsession. With its blend of endearing moments and captivating insights, MerPeople educates and entertains while shedding light on the remarkable dedication and passion of these enchanting performers.

From the onset, MerPeople dispels any notion that mermaiding is a simple feat. The series introduces Morgana Alba, the founder of the Circus Siren Pod from Washington DC, whose no-nonsense attitude and military background have shaped her approach to the mermaid world. Alba's frankness sets the stage for understanding the physical challenges of mermaiding, emphasizing the discomfort of restricted breathing, impaired vision, and the weight of the tail dragging them down. It becomes evident that the mermaids endure these conditions because of their unwavering desire to delight and connect with their fans. MerPeople also takes a captivating plunge into the historical aspects of mermaid performance, harking back to the origins of the craft at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida in 1947. The series introduces Barbara Wynns, a former mermaid from that era, who shares stories of the demanding conditions they faced, including diving depths of up to 50ft while breathing through a thin air hose. Wynns' recollections, along with those of her colleagues, highlight the perseverance and love for performing that propelled them through numerous challenges, such as nose and ear infections. MerPeople pays homage to these early pioneers who paved the way for the modern generation of mermaid performers.

The series underscores the evolving face of mermaid performance, challenging the homogeneity that once dominated the field. Chè Monique, a Black plus-size mermaid and founder of the Society of Fat Mermaids, addresses the lack of representation and inclusivity within the community. Monique's determination to redefine mermaid aesthetics and provide a platform for performers of all body shapes and sizes demonstrates the ongoing efforts to diversify the mermaid world. MerPeople showcases the mermaid community's commitment to inclusivity, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to embrace their mermaid identities. MerPeople delves into the unwavering commitment and passion of mermaid performers like Eric DuCharme, also known as the Mertailor. DuCharme's lifelong dedication to mermaiding began at a young age, and his journey is interwoven with his personal challenges as a queer boy with Tourette syndrome. The series captures his singular focus and unwavering dedication to perfecting his craft as a performer and tail-maker. DuCharme's story exemplifies the transformative power of mermaiding, offering solace and refuge amidst life's difficulties.

Through intimate interviews and personal anecdotes, MerPeople portrays the sense of community and belonging that mermaids find within their pods. The series captures the essence of their shared experiences, from attending conventions to building friendships, and demonstrates the unwavering support they offer one another. Viewers are given a glimpse into the mermaid community's resilience in the face of online vitriol and the understanding that those who embrace mermaiding fully comprehend the profound sense of freedom it brings. It masterfully intertwines emotional highs and introspective moments with occasional lightheartedness. It raises awareness of the commitment and craftsmanship behind the intricate mermaid costumes, as well as the suspension of disbelief required to embrace the mermaid mythos. The series succeeds in both educating and entertaining, allowing viewers to gain insight into the motivations and aspirations of these extraordinary performers.

MerPeople, a captivating and heartfelt Netflix documentary series, offers a window into the mesmerizing world of professional mermaids. With its diverse cast of characters, the series delves into the physical challenges, historical roots, and evolving landscape of mermaid performance. By highlighting the importance of inclusivity and community, MerPeople invites viewers to immerse themselves in the passion and dedication of these captivating individuals. Whether you are already fascinated by mermaids or curious about the hidden depths of this unique subculture, MerPeople will leave you enchanted and appreciative of the magic that lies beneath the surface.

Final Score- [8/10]
Reviewed by – Neha Krishna
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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