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MGM+ ‘FROM’ Season 2 Episode 6 Review - The Monster Killer

The sixth episode follows Boyd, who spends a night at the clinic, which takes a terrifying turn when his son Ellis joins him

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Warning: Contains Spoilers

The sixth episode of FROM begins right where the fifth episode ended when Boyd visits the Diner as he continues with his Worm problem. The fifth episode explored many characters including Victor, Tabitha, Sara, and Jade. However, I won't be wrong in saying that the sixth episode is entirely about Harold Perrineau's Boyd.

The episode begins with Boyd explaining himself to Kenny's mom and trying to tell her, why he wants to save Sara, but in the middle of the conversation, he was interrupted by Kenny, who doesn't take it well. Boyd leaves the Diner, but did he? He seems to be hallucinating again as he left the Diner and found himself in an empty church, he then sees the Ballerina box, which he first saw in the well with the old man. Then a mysterious Ballerina appears and starts dancing, but soon she turns into a monster as Boyd wakes up from the hallucination and falls on the Diner's floor hurting his head only to be picked up by Kenny.

Boyd tries to explain that he has been seeing things he can't explain and it has been happening since he returned from the forest. He tells Kenny that an old man gave him something through his blood and said, "My blood is your blood now." Kenny of course didn't believe him and finally took him to Kristi in the clinic. Boyd explained the same thing to Kristi.

The sixth episode titled, Pas de Deux, went into a straight line without exploring any side quests in the first half, while the second half has more adventures and thrilling moments. In the absence of Donna who was with the Matthews, Ellis, and Fatima were in charge of the Colony House but a fight breaks out between Dale and the newcomer Elgin. While trying to meddle and stop them, Dale mistakenly stabs Ellis in the chest causing a serious wound that needs immediate attention. But since it was night and monsters already surrounded the town it wasn't easy for them to reach the clinic, but with the bravery of Elgin they did.

The final 10 minutes of this episode are certainly one of the best moments this season as it finally gives a clue for the first time that these monsters and be defeated. When Ellis reaches the clinic, he gets immediate treatment from Kristi, but he needs an immediate blood transfusion to survive. Thankfully he has the same blood group as his father Boyd, who was present at the same place, but Boyd rejects this idea as he thinks it will also mean that the worms inside his body will also be transferred to his son. Of course, others in the room don't believe him until Kristi and her girlfriend spot those worms crawling through his hands. Now everyone is thinking about what should they do as no one else in the room were O negative, but Boyd takes a brave decision.


Boyd opens the door and goes out in the open calling for the monsters - his idea is basically to transfer the worms to the monsters. He succeeds and finally, a monster appears, and guess who it is - It's the Smiley from the start of this season, who is again looking creepy with his smile. Other monsters also appear, but Boyd makes a cut on his palm and then attacks Smiley's neck with the knife, grabs his neck with his hand, and says, "My blood is your blood now." Yes, it worked. Smiley falls on the ground as other monsters move in other directions, Boyd is now free from the worms and was able to save his son's life. This also makes Boyd the first Monster killer. It was indeed one of the most thrilling moments of the season, not only this episode.

Later, Boyd and Kenny talk as Keeny accepts that he would have trusted Boyd earlier. The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Boyd and Keeny peak through the door to confirm whether the smiley is still lying there dead. The next episode will be more exciting considering that the people in town might get to see a monster in the daytime, and that also a dead one. The upcoming episodes will certainly change the direction with the question of how blood of Boyd killed the monster. Can they use it to tackle the monsters quite often or is it something more powerful and dangerous they are not aware of?

The sixth episode of FROM gives the townspeople more hope and also excites the fans to theorize more about what happened in the first episode. The upcoming episodes are set up to be more exciting as now there is a Monster Killer in the town.

Final Score - [8.5/10]



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