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MGM+ ‘FROM’ Season 2 Episode 7 Review - Boyd’s Nightmare Spreads

In the seventh episode of FROM, Boyd and Kristi seek to capitalize on the dead monster as Jim finds an unlikely ally in Randall

Bradley - Sun, 04 Jun 2023 23:42:28 +0100 3352 Views
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The ending of the sixth episode left us with one of the biggest mysteries - Are we going to see a monster during the day for the first time? Is Smiley continue to lay dead on the ground even after Sunrise? and the biggest one - Is Smiley alive or dead? The seventh episode doesn't waste any time in clearing our doubts.

The seventh episode of FROM titled, Belly of the Beast, begins with the sunrise as Boyd, Kenny, and Kristi try to get the status of Smiley, who happens to be lying on the ground even after the Sun is up. Kristi suggests that they should take it inside and explore the body of this monster by opening it up, Boyd agrees, but Kenny votes against it. In the end, they take it inside and put it on a table for an autopsy.

Kenny is getting a bit annoying and this episode adds to it as he freaks out and stops Kristi from touching the body. He also warns Kristi about Boyd as he thinks whatever Boyd's blood has might be dangerous for her as it proved deadly for probably the scariest creature. But Kristi has made up her mind and she is not leaving the monster without tearing it apart. Boyd and Kristi cut open the body which seems to be completely dry from the inside without any trace of blood. Kenny also joins in the procedure as they discover yellow liquid coming out from the gallbladder of Smiley.

On the other hand, Jim seems to have found a new partner in Randall as he takes him to his Van that crashed in the woods the day he arrived. Both are looking for a workaround for the antenna. This new friendship is likely to be explored in the upcoming episode as Jim tries to use Randall's Drone to get the antenna high in the sky.

However, the main teaser of this episode was Elgin and Mari as both the new arrivals are getting the same nightmares of a ballet dancer music box as Boyd is getting. Even the episode ends with Elgin's life hanging in the balance as he is attacked by a terrifying lady/creature while he is in the bathroom, or is it like one of the nightmares Boyd is getting? I guess we will find out in the next episode.

It will be fair to say that this episode is not as exciting as the previous one as nothing significant happens. However, it sets up the remaining episodes to explore a lot more than I anticipated.

Final Score - [7/10]



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