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MGM+ ‘FROM’ Season 2 Episode 8 Review - The Monster Burns but the Terror Spreads

In the eighth episode, Jim and Randall devise a treacherous plan in their quest for the truth about the town as a new terror seems to be taking over the town

Bradley - Sun, 11 Jun 2023 10:17:04 +0100 3532 Views
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The ending of the last episode was quite a banger when Elgin was confronted by a ghost in a nightmare and fans theorized that she looked like Fatima. The eighth episode begins at the same point as Elgin is drowning in the nightmare and the same thing seems to be replicating in reality until he wakes up on his bed.

The music box nightmare began spreading in the last episode and it continues to spread to everyone who was present or a witness when Boyd infected and killed the monster (Smiley). The next victim is none other than Kenny, who sees the music box and hears a strange buzzing in his nightmare, as he tries to find out the source he sees that his mother's boiling pot on the stove is full of bugs. One of the bugs flies and sticks and bites his hand. Turns out the bite or touch by the bug in the nightmare has resulted in an injury in reality, the same way it happened with Elgin.

Meanwhile, Jim and Randall continue to bond over Antenna and Drones as Randall tries to manipulate Jim into going against the lead towners like Boyd and Donna. Randall asks Jim if he has ever seen anyone being killed by the monsters through his eyes. Randall thinks everyone in the town is working as a team and scaring whoever enters it by murdering people. He also asserts that either Sara was manipulated by the towners to murder her brother or she is a conspirator alongside Donna, Boyd, and other ones living in the Colony house. The newly bonded buddies go to the church to confront Sara as Randall rudely asks if her brother is still alive and they are all faking it. As things were starting to heat up, Donna arrives which Randall called convenient.

It will be fair to say that this episode was scattered all over the place and Jim siding with Randall in his stupid quest doesn't seem very logical until he wants that drone at any cost, even though he makes the whole town his enemy.

In the clinic where Smiley's body was still lying in the boiler room, everyone got the nightmare meets including Boys and Kristi, but they were caught by Donna, who wants to know everything that has been kept hidden from her. Boyd explains that he was just going to tell her everything. When the Bugs from Kenny's nightmare began to buzz in the boiler's room, Boyd suggests it is time to act. But when Boyd tries to show the same to Donna, the bugs and the buzz disappear, which shooks him. Ultimately, they all decide it's better to burn the body before anyone else from the town sniffs about it.

Later, Tabitha tries to bond with Victor regarding the drawings and the symbols to find out what exactly they mean. Victor who always seems to be hiding a large pile of secrets remembers that he had one sister. While leaving, his mother asked him (young Victor) to protect his sister Eloise, but she also ran away after her mother, and Victor remained in the basement as he was too scared to go out. Meanwhile, Tabitha spots a strange drawing and asks Victor about it. Victor replies that as per Eloise, this is the tower where their mother went to save the children that were locked and kept.

A lot happens in the eighth episode, but it still feels mainly like a filler episode where a lot seems unnecessary and stretched out. Unlike the first season, things are moving at a much slower speed, and this episode is mainly part of that. However, the story and the characters remain the strong points as it might get more exciting in the upcoming final two episodes of this season.

The episode again ends on a big cliffhanger, and this time it's not just one but two cliffhangers. As when Kenny and Boyd return after burning the body they hear a weird buzz around the diner along with Ethan, Julie, and Kenny's mother, as someone wrapped in blood stains cries for help from a nearby house. The episode moves ahead and ends as Jim finds out Randall is keeping Donna hostage.

Final Score - [7.5/10]



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