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‘Mom, Don’t Do That!’ Trailer and Release Date on Netflix

The series follows a 60-year-old widowed mom, who decides to find love again through online dating to the delight and annoyance of her two daughters

Bradley - Mon, 04 Jul 2022 11:32:16 +0100 6155 Views
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Netflix has revealed the trailer and premiere date for the upcoming Chinese-language series, ‘Mom, Don't Do That!’ The 8-episode romantic comedy series will release on July 15 on Netflix, worldwide.

In the series, a mother and her two daughters battle over clashing definitions of love after the death of their family patriarch. Mom, Don't Do That!, based on a popular novel in Taiwan by Chen Ming-min, stars acclaimed Taiwanese actress Billie Wang as Rose, a 60-something widow trying to find love again. Her two daughters, Rong (Chia), in her early 40s, who likes to write about love rather than seek it, and Min (Alice Ke), in her late 30s, who can't get over her two-timing ex, are horrified by her online dating exploits.

Fans of the original novel were drawn to the novel's refreshing depiction of a mother-daughter relationship with opposing viewpoints, complete with no-holds-barred squabbling. This is a far cry from stereotyped self-sacrificing mothers and submissive daughters, and viewers will recognize the same passionate protagonists in Mom, Don't Do That! as they question romantic and fulfillment traditions.

Directed by Lee Chun-hong and Chen Wei-ling, the Taiwanese series stars Alyssa Chia, Austin Lin, and Tseng Wan-ting in the leading roles.

Chen Wei-ling, the series’ director and executive producer, says, “We received a lot of feedback from viewers outside of Taiwan about On Children, and it became evident that collaborating more closely with global streaming platforms is the only way for Taiwanese content to be seen by the rest of the world.”

As a result, the team behind Mom, Don't Do That! set much higher standards for the show’s script, cast, and budget, to aim for global streaming distribution. “My earlier experience taught me that universal human themes could cross-cultural and linguistic boundaries, and that genre was the packaging that might attract viewers.,” says Chen. “As a result, we created this series as a comedy to highlight the experiences of three women from different eras who are searching for happiness.”

Executive producer Sarso Chou adds: "Bringing high-quality content to Netflix's global audience has been our goal throughout this journey. Taiwan's television and film industries are still growing. We learned how a global platform tackles content, planning, and marketing by working with Netflix. That has been extremely beneficial. I'd want to express my gratitude to Netflix for allowing us to present this series to audiences around the world.”



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