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‘Money No Enough 3’ Netflix Movie Review - Jack Neo’s Comedy is Watchable

What will happen to the trip that sticks together all the time but when money gets involved with them, things start to fall.

Ayasa Mallick - Sun, 16 Jun 2024 03:03:33 +0100 773 Views
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Money No Enough 3 is a Singaporean movie that is currently trending everywhere. Well, I was watching a Singaporean movie for the first time and I was not sure whether I would like the movie or not. But Jack Neo is someone who many people have always looked up to and he has a good series of movies that never fail to cry buckets.

Money No Enough 3 is a movie about friendship and life so how could I miss out on my favourite genres? I had high expectations for the movie after learning that it is the top-performing Asian movie since the pandemic happened. Money No Enough 3 not only has the power to make an individual cry, but it is also full of comedy and laughter.

The movie starts by showing a man who is having a hard time dealing with finances. The expenses in the country are growing and the man is unable to make it up as he is running out of money and doesn't have enough money with him. The issue is not only faced by him but almost every individual is facing it, especially the middle class ones.

Ah Qiang, Ah Huang, and Ah Hui are the three closest friends and together they form a beautiful trio that shares laughter and every moment together. The characters of these three are extremely beautifully portrayed by the respective actors Jack Neo, Mark Lee, and Henry Thia. The three of them have been best friends for a long time and they share everything but their friendship takes an unexpected turn which makes them fall apart.

Three of them started to face issues both financially and family. When these issues started to arise three of them tried to make it up by helping each other, and they came up with a plan to protect themselves from financial issues. Their well-planned plan failed miserably when one of the friends ditched the other two by stealing their money and cheated them by taking the money they invested in their plan.

This whole thing made a huge loss not only for the two friends but also for the one who cheated the money from the other two. The movie was so wholesome because it didn't only focus on the friendship of the three but also how they tried to find the solution and reconcile with each other.

This is a perfect movie for someone who loves to watch slice-of-life series and movies, who also enjoys content related to family drama, and who can relate to financial issues portrayed in the movie. So far, this is the best Singaporean movie I have ever seen even though this is my first time watching one. It's a perfect blend of family, friendship, and life problems.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by - Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times



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