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‘Moon Knight’ First Teaser Trailer Shows A Brutal Cloaked Superhero

Starring Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Marvel Studios’ “Moon Knight” will premiere exclusively on Disney Plus in 2022

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Marvel Studios has revealed the first teaser trailer for Moon Knight during Disney+ Day 2021 celebrations, today. Oscar Isaac is starring as the titular character in the Disney Plus series which will premiere in 2022.

Moon Knight is a new global action-adventure series about a complex vigilante with a dissociative identity disorder. The multiple personas that inhabit him are thrown into a deadly gods' war set against the backdrop of modern and ancient Egypt. Oscar Isaac is playing Marc Spector who fights against all odds as the cloaked avenger Moon Knight.

Directed by Mohamed Diab, Moon Knight is releasing Disney+ in 2022. 

The character of Moon Knight first debuted in Werewolf by Night #32. In the comics, Marc Spector was born into a respectable family, but rejecting its history and beliefs, he cut his own path through life by becoming a boxer, a Marine, and finally a CIA operative. Over his years as Moon Knight, Spector has also demonstrated supernatural abilities, such as increased strength on full moon nights, prophetic visions and nightmares, and the capacity to drain another person's life energy via physical touch.

His brother Randall, the terrorist Raoul Bushman, the corrupt politician posing as Black Spectre, and the Egyptian deity Seth are among Moon Knight's most prominent enemies. Furthermore, the deity Khonshu himself is a polarizing figure in Spector's life, offering resurrection and fresh life but also perhaps being a major contributor to Moon Knight's mental illnesses.

Gael Garcia Bernal is also rumored to appear as werewolf Jack Russell in the series.

One of Moon Knight’s first missions was to infiltrate the mysterious criminal organization known as the Committee and accept their task to capture the werewolf, Jack Russell. Spector took Russell in by force, armed with special silver weaponry given by the gang, but then released him to bring the Committee members to ruin.



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