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‘Morbius’ Latest Trailer Teases The Entry of Morbius as an Anti-Hero

Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Jared Leto leads in the role of Dr. Michael Morbius in the Vampire themed Marvel film, which currently releases on January 28, 2022

Bradley - Tue, 02 Nov 2021 13:14:26 +0000 6685 Views
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Sony Pictures has revealed the second trailer for Jared Leto's ‘Morbius.’ The trailer gives us a fresh look at the human turned vampire anti-hero, Morbius.

This film was mostly forgotten amid the hype surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home, but this new trailer has brought it into discussions and debates mainly because of its various references to MCU and other Spider-Man universes.

Based on the comic books created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1971, the antagonist’s origin story follows Michael Morbius (Leto), a biochemist in search of a cure for his rare blood disease, and determined to save others suffering the same fate as he attempts a desperate gamble. He accidentally injects himself with vampirism, giving him bat-like superpowers like echo-location and an insatiable thirst for blood.  While at first, it seems to be a radical success, the darkness inside him is unleashed.

The new trailer has multiple references to Andrew Garfield's "The Amazing Spider-Man" universe. We see Oscorp tower in the first few moments of the trailer, later we also see a newspaper that mentions Rhino and Black Cat. We also see Michael Keaton, who played Vulture in MCU's Spider-Man Homecoming starring Tom Holland.

The latest trailer has left the fans confused regarding which universe the film is set in. Earlier, it was supposed to be set in the same universe as Venom as there is no Spider-Man in that universe, but the latest clues do indicate that it has much to do with the Multiverse saga in MCU.

Sony's “Venom: Let there be Carnage” has already introduced Venom to Holland's Spider-Man, and similarly, we might see "Spider-Man No Way Home" referencing Sony's Morbius in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The first Morbius teaser trailer which was released back in January 2020 gave us a shot, where we see Spider-Man referred to as a Murderer on a wall. We also get to hear and see Michael Keaton.



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