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‘Nafsi’ Netflix Movie Review - It’s A Difficult World

The movie follows a woman, who asks her best friend to be her surrogate after she and her husband struggle to conceive, but it ultimately puts their friendship in jeopardy

Riya Singh - Sun, 20 Nov 2022 07:05:52 +0000 12769 Views
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The film starts with Aisha getting her ultrasound as she was expecting a child. The doctor reveals to the couple that Aisha has an ectopic pregnancy that is life-threatening and needs to be terminated immediately. After seven years of marriage and several attempts to have a baby, the couple is having relationship troubles as they are seen fighting over it and putting their relationship in a bad place.

Aisha confided in her friends Shiko and went on a holiday with her. The intent was to clear up her head, and she was almost able to achieve it till Seba came back with his apology. The way Seba wants to control Aisha’s every little step in life seems too toxic. Watching how much pain Aisha was in, Shiko volunteered to become the surrogate mother for their child. This was a big decision for her, and little did she know that she’ll regret the exact moment after some months.

They went through the complete surrogacy procedure, signed the contract, and now Shiko was pregnant with Aisha and Seba’s child. By becoming the surrogate mother, Shiko spoils her relationship. She even got beaten up and raped by her boyfriend Clarence. Several other twists came later in this film.

Aisha, Seba, and Clarence are the ones who come with twists that weren’t expected at all. These three don’t value relationships, and people like them can be easily found around in society. Despite having several twists and turns, at one point I felt that I had enough and wasn’t expecting more of them. But no! You’ll be surprised after watching this 123-minute film that’s worth your time.

In my opinion, Nafsi is worth watching. With all the twists in it, Nafsi keeps the viewers intrigued. The film is full of men who cheat on their partners. The friendship shared by the women also gets challenged from time to time. The movie is very emotional and traumatic. Shiko’s soul is so gentle, but she gets used again and again. You’ll genuinely feel bad for her character. Aisha is a lady suffering a lot in her marriage, and she ends up doing things that weren’t expected of her. Relationships like friendships and marriages are put to a test.

The plot is very attractive and many conspirations can be seen. Catherine Kamau, Mumbi Maina, Alfred Munyua, Alex Mwakideu, Monique Angelyn Bett, and the other cast of the film have done an impeccable job. This powerful drama with strong acting is a good watch for the audience who want to watch emotional movies.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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