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Netflix Reveals Trailer and Release Date for ‘The Future Diary’ Season 2

A brand-new love story begins when a young office worker in Tokyo finds herself stuck between a charming bartender and an attractive medical student

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Netflix has revealed the first trailer for the Season 2 of the Japanese reality show, "The Future Diary." The romantic reality series, The Future Diary Season 2 is coming to Netflix on May 17.

The Future Diary is described as "a love diary of events that will occur in the future." The diary is given to the cast members, who are strangers, and predicts that they will fall in love in the future. Will the casts fall in love as they witness an amazing meeting, a poignant confession of love, and extraordinary, dramatic events? This is the second season of the relaunched on Netflix of the iconic romance reality show that created waves 20 years ago.

Season 2 focuses on the love triangle and the diary will demand the cruel trials with the higher barriers. Will the singles choose love or friendship? MC is DAIGO and the studio casts include Chinatsu Wakatsuki, Satoshi Mukai (Panther), Mizuki Itagaki, and Miyu Honda.

The theme song is "Ashita no kimito" by Yuzu, a Japanese pop-rock duo celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. 

Kotaro Itani (G-yama) is the director, Takahide Yamaji (G-yama), Hiroyuki Takahashi (G-yama) are the producers, and Shinichi Takahashi is the executive producer for Netflix.



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